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7 Live Zoom Sessions / 11 Instructional Emails for 

The ALL Planets Direct Study Course.

This is a mystical and metaphysical Spiritual Studies class and it is non denominational.

We are studying and observing and meditating with the entire Solar System as a unified whole.

The 1st session begins with a meditation on the One Field.

We then discuss further the concept of a Unified Field in the Solar System.

We do not analyze the houses, the planets, the aspects between the planets or the signs.

We are connecting with the One Field. 
Is this any different from connecting to the One God? Is it the same thing?

APDM is a Solar System without retrogrades from the Earth’s perspective. 
We make such a big deal over the Mercury Rx.
What about a time without retrogrades when the Earth is seeing things just like the Sun?

We also will cover the concept of the Two, Duality.
Is there a big difference between the One and the Two?

Both The One and TheTwo are themes we carry throughout the course.

We will also take a look at who is Urania, the Ruler of the Solar System and the 9th Muse of Antiquity, and what in the world, or what in the Solar System she means to us.

Preparations and instructions will come in to maximize working with
One Field from Urania, the Muse.

Class #2 – #7 
Meditations on the One Solar System

Discussions on the nature of the Collective Conscious and the Collective Unconscious and its impact on our human consciousness.

Further instructions and preparations

Considerations about living in a Vibrational Universe .

Finding ways to amplify personal and global manifestation using the Solar System as cosmic fuel.

Can we honestly assert that we can manifest any better during an APDM event ?

Questions and Answers

People can read up about All Planets Direct on the website by the same name.

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