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In the nativity storyline of Christmas, the Astro-Decoders (aka Astrologers/Magi) arrived with gifts after they had been following the star alignments of the skies to find the baby Jesus. Only the Magi/Astrologers would know the way to follow the stars in the way that they did.

When they showed up, they were not turned away because they were astrologers,  not even for a second,  by Mary, Joseph or Jesus. They were accepted and greeted very warmly… the first people to welcome this special baby to the Earth.

Going further back in time to Abraham, the dude given the first transmission to start a life of devotion to a singular male God, was also an extraordinarily talented and prophetic astrologer. The Kabbalists say today, that Abraham was the world’s greatest astrologer of all time.

The mandates by religious dogma and separatist views could never eradicate the study of the stars because obviously the stars exist, and they are an integral part of our lives.  The whole solar system and all of the stars and planets, and life on Earth are simultaneously connected through a multi-universal series of codes.

Star-decoding is the Mother Study of all studies in existence since the beginning.

In 2018 we are still moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, which may take a few hundred more years till full integration, and, at the same time, the Progression of the Ages is underway.

So what is up with the zodiac sign of Aquarius? The most positive traits of Aquarius emphasize the demonstration of tolerance, acceptance, diversity, and a live and let live attitude towards all of humanity.

Aquarius is very much into peace and literally abhors violence. It’s a pacifist sign and peace is something most of the people on the earth would love to see happen.
So why wait? We may as well start bringing the LIGHT side of Aquarius forward as much as we can. APDM is a perfect time to honor the ideals of Aquarius and APDM itself. We will explain this further in the paragraphs below.

On Jan 2nd 2018, we begin a new episode of the celestial event called All Planets in Direct

Motion, (APDM). The event continues for 65 days until March 8th and is the longest APDM event since discovery in 2008.

APDM is like an ALL SYSTEMS GO command. This means everything is lined up and ready for the action to take place. A wave has started out at sea and it steadfastly follows the force of motion to greet the shore.

APDM is a time without retrogrades and, since antiquity, astrologers consider APDM to be a highly positive time of power and accomplishment, and in general, good luck.

For example, a person born with an APDM has the inherent ability to achieve anything they desire, that is in their soul’s highest interest, and possibly for the good of all. Think of Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller. Did you know about 12% of the Presidents of the United States were born with APDM birth charts? APDM is equally a great time for new ventures of every kind from marriage to business.

In our APDM study course, beginning on January 2nd, we will observe the events that happen in real time, and, we will be encouraged to contemplate the solar system as a unified field, or one field. This One Field perspective is in contrast to the way astrologers usually look at the skies which is by analyzing the aspects the planets make to each other and locating the various segmented houses and signs.

With our APDM study, we will come to view the whole solar system as a single unit moving through time and space. All the 12 segments of the zodiac merge into the one field as well. We will not have to separate the signs or the planets because the One Field includes the Earth too. We are part of the one whole solar system and not separate from it.
An added feature of studying APDM is a naturally occurring development of our intuitive faculties. People who have participated in past APDM study courses have also reported a few amazing synchronicities, and an enhanced dream states as well.

To a more peaceful and harmonious Earth, with abundance for all.

Wave Rayne
a Star-Decoding Expert with more than 30 years experience
Teacher and Author of Spiritual Studies
Public Lecturer both in person and online
Graduate of Shamanic Astrology Mystery School,  2007
Graduate of The Four Winds Society, 2012

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