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Starting January 2nd, for 11 weeks ALL the Planets will be in Direct Motion and we all get this Divine Timing to accelerate our goals and aims.  There is much to do and Wave Rayne will be leading LIVE conferences to discuss visions from Urania, the 9th Muse of Antiquity and Queen of the entire, SOLAR SYSTEM, and THE ZODIAC and ASTROLOGY.   URANIA is also the Ruler of Prophecy.
She is a benevolent loving energy. She is after the highest attainment for individuals and for all of humanity and also for the peaceful continuation of life the Earth.

The 2.5 month Program with Wave and Urania will be held on Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern/ 10am West Coast,/ 11am Santa Fe NM.
We will have live interactive calls once per week for the first 5 Tuesdays in January. You can post your questions or mail them in ahead of time if you wish to speak to either Wave or the Muse.
We will focus on your personal and global goals through this course and tweak our ideas so they are crystal clear.  With this vision set in your mind, there are homework practices given as the Muse likes for people to really own their visions amap.
You will have left this course with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of our existence in relation to the entire solar system and how deeply connected we all are.  You will feel charged up and ready to take on new frontiers.  Your pioneering self is ready to go!

The fee for this course is set to $397.00  For the 7 interactive calls, we are giving a special introductory rate that is only $97.00 if you sign up for the course by December 31st!
This course was taught several times in the past through an email newsletter. Now it is being conducting in person live on air.