smile in florida
Wave Rayne*  is the first American teacher of solar system influences related to All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM) with published articles around the world in different languages, plus online webinars, lectures, and email courses since 2009.

She began to study and research metaphysical realities from very early on in childhood, and by age 17 had committed to a lifelong study decoding symbols, signs, archetypes betweem the solar system and its influence on Earth.

Wave feels her life’s mission is to progress human consciousness forward, inclusive of the solar system and alongside others doing the same.

She has a multi-passionate soul and loves to dance and walk by the ocean and has held deep interests in many things of a spiritual nature,  such as Energy Healing, the mystical practices of Sufism,  intuition development, Shamanism, and the star codes which correspond to activites on Earth.

 She is also currently a novice filmmaker and though film is not invisible, the actual capturing of images happens invisibly plus, she hopes to capture the invisible nature of reality somehow and make cool films.    Wave remembers teaching one fabulous spiritual dance/meditation seminar called ‘Walking Through Walls’ in an effort to teach others to become invisible all together. 

She has studied with several world class teachers for spirituality, astrology, shamanism, women’s studies and herbal healing and is enormously grateful to each of her mentors.

She has one son who is a fabulous kid’s tennis coach in LA and a step-daughter who is a knowledgeable assistant professor at Temple University.

Wave travels extensively between San Diego, Santa Fe and NYC and spent the first half of 2017 in Mexico learning Spanish and living by the ocean.

Wave is establishing the School of Particles in 2017.  .

The School of Particles is accepting donations. At some point the School may adopt non profit status. As such donations will not be tax deductible at this time. Thank you all the same for any donation.   To be continued.