smile in florida
Wave Rayne*  is the first American teacher of solar system influences related to APDM, *All Planets in Direct Motion to teach online webinars, lectures, and email courses.  She also has a FB group page called All Planets Direct which informs fans of the interesting occurrences between land and sky.

She began to study and research metaphysical realities from early on, and, took up a lifelong study of astrology when just 17.

At this time Wave works as a multi-passionate spiritual/cosmic being, offering private sessions as a spiritual mentor and coach. She specializes in career, business and relationships. She likes to see people succeed. It’s her biggest passion of all.

In personal coaching sessions she teaches intuitive reasoning as well. This is a spiritual mystical practice which tweaks the ‘right and left side of the brain’ so they are operating together in a flow. She champions your success, and will let you know whether it is coming sooner or later. She will be honest with you.

Wave sources from nature, the cosmos, Sufism, Kabbalah, Women’s Spirituality, Shamanic Energy Healing, many world class teachers, alive and in the other dimensions, and both yours and hers Angelic Guides.

She is also currently, a novice filmmaker, and will be moving more in that direction, having made her debut as a direct and assistant director with a short film in San Diego, summer of 2016.

Wave studied with the most gifted world class teachers for spirituality, astrology, shamanism, women’s studies and herbal healing.

She has one son who is a fabulous kid’s tennis coach in LA and a step-daughter who is a knowledgeable assistant professor at Temple University.

Wave travels extensively to San Diego, Santa Fe and NYC and is traveling in Mexico for the first part of 2017.