Getting Ready for APDM coming up in January 2017

  Dear friends, Our next APDM period is coming up in about 7 weeks.  We will start to concentrate on this after the American holiday called Thanksgiving is finished. The USA's election process is still underway and there could be more upsets. Stay tuned. The...

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Bhakti Fest friends, welcome!

Onto the next Fest! Here in Santa Fe a new huge Festival is taking place called Unify - Fest.  Proceeds from admission go to non profits. If you are into studying the stars, please like my facebook page, All Planets Direct and like several posts each week in order to...

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Astrological Life Coaching with Wave Rayne

I lead global synchronized meditations and retreats during All Planets Direct Motion, (APDM). You can read a lot more on this site about APDM when all the planets are moving in direct motion and without one retrograde in sight.

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Mercury Rx strikes April 28th, 2016

 Mercury Rx this time is different  because it's the 2nd Mercury Rx after Jan 5th's Mercury Rx, which ended  APDM,  and, last month's Equinox and also the Eclipses. Plus the Full Moon a couple of days ago.  This is a hyped-up M RX on the basis of the combination codes...

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August Lunar Eclipse