Wave Rayne currently offers two exciting lectures, with a slide show,  in person and also online.

1) All Planets Direct Motion

An original piece of work by Stephanie Tetra Forest, this lecture covers the most basic order of the universe, as seen from the Earth’s perspective during a time when all the planets in our Solar System are moving in direct motion. The timing of APDM, which occurs about once a year, for different durations,  is a period that has great potential for evolving human progression forward. It is the most unique period of time also because the people on Earth can have a perspective of the Solar System that is similar to the Sun.
A fabulous and fascinating slide show accompanies the lecture to make it really easy enough for anyone to understand  the movements of the Solar System, even without any astrology background or language!!!!! People love this lecture and it gets them in a really good mood by the time it is over.
For those more experienced in the language of astrology,   now they just might like to add this to their research and observation as they no doubt will look upon APDM cycles in a new light..


‘Forest’s research and creativity on uncovering the rarity and importance of APDM is an extremely significant contribution to the astrological community.  It seems to be as important, if not more so, than the often over-emphasized Mercury retrograde cycles, albeit with a very different meaning and implication.  I am looking forward to working with it, and am already sharing about APDM with my students…….’

Daniel Giamario, Founder and Executive Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

2) The Amazing Awesome Transformations of Venus: Queen of Heaven

This exciting lecture and stunning slide show is both astronomical and astrological in nature.
It covers the perfected cycles of Venus and her movements around the Sun.

We look at Venus’s symbols and myth, culture, history, facts and the very interesting effects of the appearance and disappearance of Venus in her cycles.
We also prepare to participate with Venus as she moves through the sky,  through observation, celebration and  simple rituals for those that like to engage more deeply.  We also are ready for the next heliacal rise of Venus.

Part two, with enough time,  and if there are astrologers in the audience, we can look at the way Venus operates astrologically and symbolically in the birth charts.  We can take a look at how Venus, Queen of Heaven,  effects each person in a marriage, and, all sorts of love relationships and how the symbolism of Venus points to areas we each need to develop in order to realize our own evolution in this incarnation.  Charts can also be studied in the lecture that give enough clues to show how our human lives are influenced in relation to the 8 year cycles of Venus.

The first part of the lecture is open to anyone.  It is given with a lovely slide show in such a way that most everyone can understand.  Part two is intended for astrologers of any experience.

Stephanie Tetra Forest will be giving lectures in 2015 and 2016  in California , southwest and northwest.
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