Star Code and Tracking SESSIONS with Wave Rayne

When ready to book one session or 4 sessions, you can make one with the scheduler below.


A private confidential session is great for gaining the highest possible reach
and overview of your present conditions.
Coordinating your decisions with your Star Codes gives an advantage
to making confident life decisions for a far better future of either a personal
or professional nature.

Excellent age-ranges for a Session –  27-29 years old or 37- 49, or 57-59, etc.
You are moving into a new phase of your life during these periods,  and you can sense it.
Cosmic momentum builds for you to make some crucial choices right now.
A professional Star Code coach and guide can show you what is expected of you
to make a positive transition to the next phase.
Thankfully, we all go through times in our lives when our Cosmos
is supportive of our expansion, for us to succeed in our relationships,
for finding a new partner, for birthing a baby or for birthing a new business empire.
Also there are times best for resting,  retreating,  healing  or
withdrawing from the world to do your deepest most inspired creative work.
Do you know what sort of Celestial Timing you are in now?
Are one or more major Planetary Initiations coming up soon in your life?
Planetary Initiations are game changers.
It’s really essential to know the strategies of each Initiation
and move in harmony with them, to coordinate with their intentions and invitations to change.
Removal and Renewal themes are often played out and if you know this in advance,
it is so very much to your advantage.
During a Session you will be given  ‘remedial measures‘.
This means you are given one or more suggested tasks to fulfill at home.
lients have noticed exceptionally awesome positive outcomes when they
focus on the homework and get it done.  That is a hint by the way.
As of February 2017, we added a 5 Day Intensive for regaining your center and core
during challenging experiences.

Proceeds from these Sessions go to maintain this website and,
Wave Rayne’s free programs offered each year during All Planets Direct Motion. 

Check out Wave’s Facebook Page called All Planets Direct
and on this site under APDM INFO.

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Fees for Sessions –  Sessions are $197 for 90 mins.
In honor of All Planets Direct Motion 2017, we are offering a few more choices.
We recommend $80 for 30 minutes, or  $144.00 per hour,  or $560.00 for 4 sessions.
For those dealing with an immediate situation and needing to rebalance right away, we offer now an
exclusive Intensive.

If you would like to offer more, or less, for your Session(s)
your offer will be considered and accepted if everything else is in balance and cleared.

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Many blessings