Star Coded Coaching SERIES with Wave Rayne


All the SERIES listed below begin with a Star-Decoding and Tracking Session.
This is because the original intent for your lifetime is written into your star codes from birth.
Match your current intent, and your dreams and goals, with your original intent and the doors open.

The work in the Series is based entirely on you and your unfolding success for the benefit of all. 
The issues that come up in the 1st Session are then further unpacked in consequent sessions so you are ready and prepared to step through the doors once they open.  Nothing holds you back.  The sky is the limit. 

Transits, progressions, solar arc, solar returns, lifetime arc, and the Shamanic Astrology Timeline are also applied in the first Star Codes and Tracking session. 

Sessions are spoken in clear language and focused on the present with some delving into future and past.

The first Session also brings into focus the best TIMINGS to move things forward into your desired future.
No other kind of coaching can bring you the Timing Factor into your business, or your love life for that matter.

Anything can come up during the Series:

Business, Career, Relationships, Sexuality, Family, Relocation, Health  –  8 usual topics of discussion


Wave is intending to set up a lab for further star coded research and create healing serums.   Proceeds from these Sessions also go to maintain Wave Rayne’s free programs offered each year during All Planets Direct Motion. 

All Planets Direct Motion is a celestial/earthly experience we share together around the world and you can find even more info on the Facebook page called All Planets Direct, or on this website.
Wave is fund-raising for a lab to do more star based research in combination with healing supplements.

See the Contact Page to get in touch with Wave for any inquiries.

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