The Series of SEVEN
with Tetra
Preparations in Shifting Perspectives for the Next Phase


***** Loving your own destiny into being  

Tetra travels around the country giving lectures and private shamanic astrology consultations/healing sessions with the zodiac.
A lot of her work is done over the phone/internet.


The Series of Seven 
includes Deep Sky Shamanic Astrology, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Sufi techniques for healing and freedom.
It came about because Tetra noticed that her clients would increase their ability to manifest their true destiny over a period of time rather than just a one
shot deal. One session is very impactful and to be supported through a greater transformation, a full series of 7 is enough to get through to the other side.

Insights are generated every session and in between sessions.  A greater sense of direction is deeply understood.

The uncovering of the rightful path.
Full empowerment
Greater production and manifestation of one’s timeline and future.

9 months are given to complete the SEVEN sessions and it’s recommended that you do them within the first 3 months or even in the first 2 months or less.
The nature of the work is very direct and the consec utive sessions are powerfl
Series is $1225.  Please choose from installments of $420, a payment is requested for each of  first three months or one check of $1225.

There is an option to do this work in person at a private retreat work at a place in or near to your home.
7 sessions in 10 -14 days time.


New Classes coming up:

A brand new Venusian Series is coming up in December 2012

All Planets in Direct Motion is also coming up in January 2013.


The only other choice is a Private Readings  – available beginning in September of 2012

Private one-on-one sessions designed for manifestation assistance and up to one year of stellar navigation
$95 for 30 minutes. $175 an hour. $225 – 90 minutes
Testimonials and client references available

Would you like to invite Tetra to visit your neighborhood and set up a weekend for lecture on Venus and Astrology?
Thank you and my you be blessed,
all ways