Greetings All,
Tetra Forest here with some musings from Urania, 9th Muse of Antiquity, Queen of the Solar System, Astronomy, Astrology and The Ruler of PROPHECY ->>>>

Transformational/ chaos/ change energy into the unknown. let it happen. stay with integrity. and move with the wave. Intuitive meditations on color are so soothing. scents, artwork is also helpful. also the silence. merging into the silence of the trees. surrender time. i.e. to get anything done to get ahead with your life is the opposite of surrendering. if we’ve been busy, this is very trying to do because both Mars and Pluto are in high producing, forward moving, responsibility-taking Capricorn. 

So talk about finding a balance as an imperative.  Receive the spiritual teachings of Capricorn – to take it easy, the work will get done – its time to chill for the next few days because the bigger work is yet to come. get ready now by resting up!!!!………

Note: Mars is coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on 11/27 and this is just one day after Mercury stations direct.  It feels kind of explosive those two together. Like a huge gush of solar system energy coming forth.  Where would you like this gush to take you?  Then add in the pre-dawn penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini at 7 degrees!!!!  The Mars Pluto Conjunct and the Eclipse form an Inconjunct or a quincunx = 150 degree aspect.  A sense of force to accommodate the gravitational pressures.  (huge texas car line-up on Thanksgiving is one of the ways the energy is combustible)  Avoid excessive and any drama coming up now and for a couple of weeks if not forever. All stress now is hugely imbalancing.  Find that calm within and reduce all emotional inflammations through meditation with the Trees and the Forest.

HUGE PORTAL OPENINGS and EXPLOSIONS of NEW ENERGY COMING FORTH  this week with this unusual activity in the Solar System.

We’ve got the Nodes, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio now and Scorpio always has to do with HIGH MAGIC. This means, no matter what are the circumstances, Scorpio promises your dreams will come true. 

Capricorn helps to organize the plan of action and hold the dream together until its fruition. Dreaming now, entering the state of the receptive divine, the angels are close, soon time comes to take action. and, i would like to add a prayer of protection, to everyone here, to the whole country and of course to the whole world, that we, the human beings on Earth, move through these dynamic times with complete love from the Universal Matrix of Light. ….May all be well. bless,
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