galaxy_bannerWell with all this horrific violence and murder, and bloodshed, and suicide, and innocent people losing their lives while enjoying a cup of coffee, it’s so sad and so awful and who wants to even leave the house? It’s also clear the earth is going through a shift. The US is entering soon a revolutionary period that will culminate in 2022. What happens here has big reverb everywhere else for obvious reasons.
Plus, the whole earth and solar system is entering a new sign for the procession of the ages. That means soon enough we are smack dab in the middle of the Age of Aquarius. Some people believe the New Age doesn’t arrive fully for another 300 to 400 years.
Each astrologer has their own kind of timing device they use to track the Procession of the Ages.
My sense is that a few 100 years doesn’t matter that much in the shifting of the Ages. We are on the cusp and that is enough to cause wide spread paradigmatic shifts.
So the operating manual of the prior paradigm for the past 2400 years or so is totally changing. One time the shift went from matriarchal societies all around the world to patriarchal societies all around the world except for one matriarchy still left in the outskirts of India.

The violence, in our view, is occurring as if a way to say
let’s get this paradigm over with and onto the next.

The old paradigm is however older than 2400 years and has to do with the capitalist system which is based on the concept that you can live on the planet if your work brings you enough cash.
So this concept is ok for go getters who are physically sturdy enough to withstand the pressures of hard work, offices, managers, people.
Its not ok for mothers of small children and pregnant women, all the artists, the super sensitive, the millions that prefer to live quiet lives with the earth and their family, those that struggle with being around people, inside buildings, and of course the infirm and the incapacitated and the list goes on and on.
The trouble now is that even if you are hard working, in this country, people are paid such low wages that they can’t catch up. The 1% ers meanwhile just keep getting richer and richer. This is not a made up fact. It’s totally true.

This post is not to complain about the current paradigm however,
just to look at it. To see what we can do with it.

And then take a pro active step.

The pro active step we are working on here on this page is the idea of our collective consciousness influencing the entire solar system so that things come out of the approaching Aquarian Age in a better way that suits our purposes for a fair egalitarian life with sharing of the earth’s resources and beauty, and enough abundance for all. It’s totally possible only who is in charge of this change for the good life for all beings on the planet?

As far as I can tell,
We, as in you and I, are the Ones Responsible for Bringing in a New World Order
at least on some level.

The shadow side of Aquarius btw is exactly as was written in Orwell’s famous book, 1984.
If you know that book, you understand immediately what we are saying here. If you are unfamiliar with the book, Google it up and read the summaries.  I’m not going to expound here, just to say, that the book mirrors the shadow darkness of the sign of Aquarius starting with from the computerized surveillance systems monitoring every which way you go.

Let’s go over to Urania, the 9th Muse of Antiquity and Queen wisdom ruler of the Solar System.
One night approached Wave for her to perceive APDM, Nov. 24 2009.
The idea came up immediately with the discovery  that during All Planets Direct Motion we can alter consciousness on Earth and where our plane of consciousness intercepts the plane of the Solar System.

Our conscious intent is actually impactful enough to transform the symbolism of the planets to shift to what we are asking for.
As if yes, the planets are listening.
This is not a scientific thing. This is not a sci fi thing.
This is our experiment. Because it seems to work. And it feels much better to be believing in our dreams than not. Also to sit around and not do anything except feel terrible read and helpless reading about these murder killings all over the planet is unacceptable.

What can we APDMer’s do?
As mentioned not too long ago, a few days of solar system intentions is probably just a beginning and yet perhaps not really enough to mitigate everything going on here on Earth.

That being said, it IS enough to make a shift and to make our voices and hearts and souls be heard. Only can we have our manifestos ready for other dates and just really have a big gathering on the APDM?

One thing I learned in shaman school and in the wild blue green algae company I was involved with years ago, in our training sessions is this…
If we don’t make the attempt to dream our new world into being, others will.