candle in window du s kWe spoke about erratic weather patterns to occur during this APDM prior to its arrival.

We spoke about furthering the future of human consciousness by breaking up and reducing the contagious and continual fear of scarcity in the collective consciousness.

We spoke about the discovery of new cures for incurable diseases.

We spoke much about the importance to get our manifestos heard and shared in a synchronized global effort for the first three of the APDM days.

We accomplished this fortunately and abundantly and with extra coverage by the Ambassadors for World Wide Peace.
A simple miracle took place. Congratulations to all those who participated.
It was another first in human history for 1000s of people coming together to make our demands known during APDM.

It is probably a good idea to remember your Manifestos often and to keep them nearby.
Over the past 7 years we have observed APDM to be most outrageously sensitive
in the first week
and so this is why we placed an emphasis on the first few days to get the Manifestos out there.
The Solar System is like a brand new creation of itself as seen from the Earth’s perspective.

When we get closer to the planet stationing Rx, the vibrant energy is still present, only there is a shift in the vibrational field of the Earth’s atmosphere in conjunction with the larger field of the Solar System.
That shift we are sorry to say seems to be correlated to an international situation in human affairs.
We don’t wish to elaborate on this at this time.

Here is our message :

The chaos grows during the Turning of the Ages and things are tenuous all over everywhere.

May we please offer a couple of recommendations to take us beyond the finish line when APDM is complete?

We hear from the Muse of APDM to keep the faith strong with our heart connections to our ideals as written in our manifestos.
To keep positive as much as possible
to pay closer attention to the Still Point especially….

What would it look like if we were to honor the Still Point on a daily as much as we possibly can?

Like if we were to take a few moments often every day to focus on the quiet stillness within that reflects the greater hum of the universe in deep exquisite harmony. . ……….




more writings by Wave (aka Stephanie Tetra Forest) can be found on this site including the original research on APDM from 2008/9 and also on FB page. which carries the same name as this site, a shortened version All Planets Direct.