Al articles on this blog about APDM are written by Stephanie Tetra Forest, aka Wave
This articke below was written mid May 2015…… It became an inspiration to many so we thought to repost here again.

When I first began exploring the significance of the timing of when ALL The PLANETS are in DIRECT MOTION, I was very idealistic about it. It seemed to hold a ton of promise for being an opportune time to begin new projects on a large scale.

When an astrologer is scanning the Ephemeris for an appropriate date for a marriage or a merger, they look for a day without retrogrades. APDM has not one retrograde. All planets are appearing to the people on the Earth to be moving in one direction only. One direction. All together. For this reason, it is deemed an auspicious timing.

As I tracked the daily experience of the beginning, middle and end of an APDM period, over 6 years since I first wrote about it, it became more clear that the beginning of APDM is the most highlighted in terms of positivity.

I’m still idealistic…..
For this coming APDM, which begins on December 25th, 2015, I am imagining something global.
Im thinking about what it would look like for 144,000 + people to be concentrating on the opposite of fear over scarcity.
To embrace the feeling of being free and happy, with more than enough of everything we need, and to share with others for the rest of our days.

Here’s why…
The Collective Unconscious and the Collective Consciousness can be imagined as a floating field around the Earth, and, it is contaminated by the contagion of a ceaseless fear of scarcity over money, the fear of poverty.

Two questions come up – “Can we impact and influence the Collective towards something awesome through our combined efforts ? Can we align our combined focus during the APDM timing?”

The struggle with this contagious belief system towards scarcity is so hugely limiting to a human being, and so pervasive.
Are we really born here to be money-making machines to live here, on our Earth?

Most everyone loves to contribute their skill set to others and to projects. It is deeply rewarding emotionally to offer our talents or wisdom etc.
Yet with the capitalist regime, the rules on Earth, we can offer our skill set only we have to make the money in order to survive and the two seldom match up.

This means every human can make a contribution though not everyone can earn income from their contribution.
Some earn much less and some earn much more.
Some are talented at creating wealth.
Some are born to amass huge amounts of wealth. The richest 1% of the world’s population, about 400 – 600 people combined, earn and have more money than 75% of the rest of the people on the planet combined.

It may be a human dilemma, from the start, even without the Capitalist system, to be wired into an unconscious or conscious fear for survival.
Whatever is the causation, as a collective population in scarcity mode, we might like to face this shadow side of Capitalism together. Please continue reading below.

Doesn’t it seem to you that the shadow side of fear for survival is growing lately in leaps and bounds?

Money and needing to get more money is pretty much always on everyone’s minds, and it is also found regularly in most everyone’s speech. “I can’t afford it. I don’t have the money.”

Even if one is consciously working to avoid lack consciousness, it’s a continual struggle on a hourly basis to combat the forcefield which is superimposing the thoughts of lack onto our impressionable minds. Then the thoughts grow into a loop. The loop of poverty mentality is contagious on every level.
The thoughts of scarcity are not just from one individual to the next. These thoughts exist like a permanent placement in the collective consciousness.
We can alter this fear collectively via the portal that APDM gifts us with.

Are our thoughts being controlled?
They are being impacted yes, and, are we being controlled?
Well, we always have a choice. You all know it takes an enormous amount of will power to choose to not be at the affect of the fear of scarcity or any other fear of survival.

The suggestion comes up again, shall we be focused on abundance consciousness together? That there is more than enough for everyone?

Can we substitute positive affirming abundance thoughts and delicious joyful feelings and put these into the Collective Field instead of the scarcity?

Because, it can happen and we can make a real difference in our lives on Earth as well. This doesnt cost a penny too. There is no program to buy. It’s more like a Collective Reprogramming!

We are the ones that can dream this forward and it takes a village.
A global village.

Take a moment now to envision at least 144,000 people focusing on abundance and prosperity, where ever they are, with friends or at home, all over the world, at the same time every morning, for several hours for the first 3 days of APDM, All Planets Direct Motion, beginning Xmas Day in 2015 and continuing on the 26th and the 27th.

the 25th, 26th, 27th.
for a few hours every morning, we generate a focus of concentrated contagious feelings of abundance at the highest magnitude.

the very opposite of fear!

we make the change happen
APDM is an opportunity.

Think about it.