Most Americans practice what I call Earthnocentrism.  It’s as though they can only see that Earth matters.  Like its too scary or too unbelievable to consider the impact and influence of our greater Solar System.

They refuse to look beyond and see that we are not the only planet that circles  the Sun.  That we have kindred planets too, and, most significantly, we are a part of a much greater ecosystem.

My mission in life and in my career is to assist, along side many others, in the evolution of consciousness, my area of specialization is to do this inclusive of our Solar System.

As we prepare for the Uranian-tinged APDM this month on Dec. 25th, we are posting tips and thoughts daily on the FB page for All Planets Direct, and we are inviting the world to consider ourselves as one Unified Field with the Solar System during APDM, especially for the first few days of the 11 days. . .

More to come. Please come back here to visit and be sure to go to Facebook and like the page to get daily thoughts on the upcoming event called All Planets in Direct Motion.


Peace is Easy ‘Wave’,


Steffany Tetra Forest