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This newest Blog is about the significance of tuning into the Cosmic Timing of our Solar System to actualize our hopes and dreams and business plans and all sort of other stuff we humans get up to. We also want to pay attention to the next upcoming All Planets in Direct Motion as well on December 25th, 2011. It may be a good idea to combine your heart’s desire with a positive new Timing we now call APDM. Read more about APDM on this site. For now we concentrate on love and the stars.

Before i get right to the heart of the Cosmic Clock and how to use it whole heartedly for attracting true love,  as you may or may not know, Astrology sessions are good from usually 6 months up to a year or longer. Most get their yearly astrology readings from their beloved astrologer about once or twice a year. More sessions may be applicable for the deeper issues that come up.

Many astrologers forecast for up to 2 years.   If i understand what is coming up in my planetary transits for the next year or two,  and what is the nature of those influences, i can start now to prepare to engage my inner cosmos with my outer world and make every attempt to work consciously with the planetary influences.  I call this The Positive Use of Will.

One way to potentize the Positive Use of Will is found in the present moment.  The present moment holds all our potential in becoming.  This is a truth.  If we really want to be ready to animate the influences of the planetary symbolism and energetics, and we are seeking our one true love, then  it’s a really good idea to begin now, right now, to attract your beloved and not wait until the last minute.  Remember your beloved is also seeking you too, and the planets align and the angels are at work just for this – so read on to learn the first step of preparation!

In this Blog we will cover one of the three main possibilities that can happen during The Lover’s Transit or The Marriage Transit.  ( The other two ways will be disclosed in another blog or little booklet)
So, say for example you are wanting to be wife or a husband within the next two years and perhaps you are fairly overweight and can’t remember the last time you have done any exercise or modified your diet.  Or another example is that you do keep your body fit and while you keep hoping and silently pleading for the universe to deliver your new spouse,  you are still carrying resentments in your system as you start to seethe inside when you or someone else mentions your ex’s name.  The truth is no matter how great your planetary transits are for marriage, or the next sexy romance coming up real soon, the chances are just as strong that your knight or your goddess will appear, and take one look at you, and see that you are not physically healthy or, pick up psychically on your energy field, which carries a good deal of sadness or anger crystals, and, no matter how attractive you may be, your beloved keeps on walking away.

This is meant to stimulate you to action not to bum you out. Location is equally important to finding new love. If you are living ina  town where you can’t meet someone new because you don’t go out at night and work from home, the chances of meeting your true love are close to nil unless you are using the internet dating sites.

In conclusion, yes, you can use astrology for the timing of upcoming transits to assist in attracting your next lover who is balanced to you and your desires and yes, it helps if you are taking good care of your self beofre your lover arrives.

Check out Deep Sky Astrology Page on this site for more info as to when it’s a good time to have an astrology session.

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