2 Hour Chill Marathon – Feb 3,  All Planets in Direct Motion, (APDM) with Wave Rayne

Here we are again with an amazing APDM event coming up on Feb 3rd,  2022.   APDM has long been viewed as the most auspicious day by professional astrologers since antiquity.  Astrologers will look first for APDM dates to schedule very important events for their clients such as weddings, mergers, operations.  Now we know when it’s coming up and how long it will last. This APDM is 86 days long and they don’t get very much longer than that.

On the first day of APDM on Feb 3,  when Mercury stations direct, all the planets in the sky, as seen from Earth, will be moving forward.  With an absence of retrograde planets, there is less resistance.  People born with APDM tend to have a tremendous amount of natural confidence. Think Helen Keller or Harriet Tubman.

While meditation is good any day, we are gathering on FEB 3rd, for a zoom  1-3pm for meditating and discussing the cosmic magnetism of APDM. Perhaps we can absorb a slice of celestial magnitude for our personal goals and also for global visions for peace and harmony.

  • Bring note paper and pen for journaling and imagining.
  • If possible grab a bottle of LAVENDER essential oil or any essential oil for intuitive meditation.
  • For Fun – communing with the beautiful magic of the Spacious Sky calls for dressing up,  you can wear something magical if you wish, could be jewellery, a hat, a cloak.

All good things,
Wave Rayne