Welcome to the StarLight Mystery School Clinic!

At the Starlight Mystery School Clinic the following services offered:

1) Spiritual Business Relationship Karmic Initiation Astrology Readings:  Get your life on track, focused and confident. 

IN person,  over Skype/Google Hangout or cell/phone. 

 Kinesthetic Astrology” – for 3 to 4 day visits here in Santa Fe, NM – The Kinesthetic Version of Astrology is an experience that is meant to be remembered for a long time to come.  We are walking on the Earth. We are avoiding sidewalks.   We are allowing for your Original Agreements to come forth, to be recognized, received, honored.
Often our Original Agreements have been compromised by different influences.
We connect together with the heartsoul as the Earth’s Mothering forces shoot up through our feet. Everything is in motion. Kinesthetic Astro- Shamanism  is a way to alleviate stress and your “STUFF”  to get into the NEW.   Renewal, Regeneration, Review Options, Focus, Target!

Each step we walk upon the Earth gathers new energy.  We are also being accompanied by various Guides, Angels and nature spirits who are specifically interested only in your reconstituting your balance and frame of mind, and helping you to decompress from hurts of the heart.
We will study the way Directions and HInts come through in Signs and Signals.  From here, the intuition expands and divine clarity comes forth.

What did you come here to do?   Whom did you come here to serve? Why?  What is your real passion?  What makes you thrive?  What gives you juice to continue?  What path is your most favorite one of all?  What can be done to get on that track of your life’s highest mission? 


COSMIC STUDY CHART READINGS – Deep Sky Initiation Readings

An astrology reading focuses mostly on the blueprint of your soul and what you came here to learn and achieve.  The astrology shows what are the best and quickest paths to take to reach your goals.  Some goals are more sacred than others. Which is your highest destiny you would like to achieve and master in this lifetime?    A lot of important topics and issues can be carefully looked at including:  significant relationships, your career, health, finances, spirituality, relocation, children, family and also, what’s coming up next.   Additionally you can gain clarity over your current predicaments and improve perception of what to do in the Next Phase of your life. We can look at other charts of people close to you if you would like during the reading too.

We look to the present moment in order to co-create a more satisfying and fulfilling future.

Astrology is over 5000 years old and provides valuable information that is true, useful and enormously insightful.  Your astrology shows the influences of the upcoming planetary transits and describes how thee new energies operate so you can work with them consciously and coordinate yoru chocies with your cosmos. Various strategies are covered in depth so you feel more
confident and clear.

Forest uses the most advanced and current mathematical and progressive astrological techniques. These include: transits, progressions, solar arc, relocation, solar revolution, pre natal eclipses, and other esoterica she has gleaned from her own lifetime of looking into the revelant symbolism of the stars. Count on Forest to be gently direct and honest and totally discrete.

There are secret codes in every chart which reveal the soul forces coming through your birth seeking to be expressed.

Fees are  $197 to $397.00.
$197 fee is for one 1.5 hour Initiation session.
$397 is for three, 50 minute sessions, to be completed once a week for three weeks succession. There will be a healing with the Zodiac in the 2nd session added into the time we spend together.

All sessions are recorded and sent to you immediately for your continued study.
You will also receive a color copy of your chart with the basic symbols guide if you are new to the Cosmic Study.

Tetra Forest is consider to be an intuitive master of astrology.  She is also held to be a mystic with over 35 years of professional service to the public.                                                                                                       

2)  Healing with the Zodiac
 This is a healing combination of astrological forces with shamanic energy medicine.  It is very esoteric work and is designed to recalibrate and align your zodiacal archetypes and chakras so that you are more fluently walking the planet with greater balance and health.  Healing with the Zodiac sessions  can be done person at private clinic in Santa Fe or remotely, over Phone/ Cell/ Skype.  When working remotely, Tetra asks that you shut down the cell phone to avoid  interruptions. That you are lying down. These sessions are often woven into the Month Long Series of Sessions.  (see below)

4) You can inquire about becoming an Astrology Apprentice by writing to Tetra on the contact page.   

  (  For more specific info on Tetra’s background, check out her bio regarding her 35 years of experience in the field of Astrology and Healing and Mysticism.  ) 

5) Go Deeper. Many people are interested to get involved more deeply with their esoteric symbolism and energy and Tetra offers a special program of one month in depth study for people who are going through distinct changes and challenges. It is one month of concentrated healing work with homework after each session.  Sessions are done 2 or 3x a week for 30 mins to an hour.

Forest offers highly professional, responsible, trustworthy support and caring guidance for you to move through change and conflict.

Fees for the One Month Program – after the initial reading, the cost for the month is based on $120 for an hour session at 3x a week. The total is $1440.00 for 12 sessions to be paid in one installment, for $1440 or 2 installments for $1640.00
For 30 minute sessions is billed at $60.00 per session, the total is $720.00 for 12 sessions paid in full. Or $920.00 for 2 installments.


Conscious Wisdom Practices  –  an outline of the foundation of the services being offered

Physical Healing  –   walking with the zodiac,  healing through zodiac archetypes, plus herbs and nutrition, wild blue green, spiritual shamanic healing
Vibrational Healing  –  essential oils and flower essences,  wild blue green, shamanic,  spiritual and metaphysical astrology practices
Energetic Healing  –  shamanic methods, spiritual and esoteric astrology techniques, wild blue green
Spiritual Nutrition  –  spiritual, mental, emotional practices including direct conversations to nurture the body, spirit, mind and soul, shamanic pathways, star encoded philosophies, wild blue green

for more info – please go to the contact page on this site and send Tetra a private message