I have been invited to write about this experience for healing with water and angels
as  a way to bring attention to various aspects related to healing and also to bring
attention to the plight of the American Indians, the People of the First Nation in our country.

Thanksgiving would be better served if we were in a position to feed the people who are
starving on the reservations or something other than celebrating their demise.  Thank you for
reading and helping out in all of your own ways…..

One early evening last spring i was in my office in Sedona and my client was
a large man, about 6’2′ and about 220 lbs. at the very least. His eyes
shone intelligence behind his wired rimmed glasses while his body language
and appearance looked ragged.
He was a teacher at an American Indian Reservation in Arizona
and he had taken a weekend break from teaching grade school.

Intensely exhausted, he explained to me how challenging
it has been to teach these children who had seemingly lost their souls at such
a young age and, that there seemed to be no way to reach them, or to help them,
because their families were also living futile, despondent lives,
financially and spiritually dejected.
Though he tried all different things,
he couldn’t really help them out of their adverse circumstances.
He was deeply forlorn and his energy was spent.
After a few minutes of listening to this caring and dedicated man, i was directed
to ask him to hold back from talking.
He looked surprised when i asked so very gently, for him to be quiet,
to conserve his energy.  I simply told him he was in no condition to talk right now
and we had other work to do.
He understood immediately and accepted my offer, quickly
realizing even talking itself was exhausting him.

In this moment, it was he, the man and the teacher who needed
nurturing, to be held in a loving, deeply accepting space, to be understood.

Spirit indicated for me to invite him to lie down. At the time, i didn’t have a massage
table so i would lay down a cloth on my carpeted floor in the little office
by the creek.

I keep 3 large clear glass bowls filled with water in my office as the presence of
of water is opening and cleansing. Water is a conduit to greater receptivity
and to angelic messages, and, water can also help us by absorbing any
negative energy.  The nature of water is to uplift.

I scanned the teacher’s body as he began to relax gratefully on the floor. From my
perspective, the anguish of more than 15 years of working with the children
had at this point, fractured his internal energy composition.
He was all over the place and needed to be brought back into focus.
A clear single direction.

The four directions were called in, and sacred space created, like a circle of protection.

Speaking softly instructions for the breath, he quickly fell into a rhythm and went into deeper
relaxation.  Then i became quiet allowing Spirit to direct my concentration.
With intention  we  worked  using  shamanic  techniques  to  clear  the  chakras.
This was done so his entire body could feel less fragmented and
begin to pull his life forces back into alignment with his spirit.

After about 8 minutes of deepening into the moment, and into the healing,
an angel pointed out for me to look over at one of the bowls of water.
As i looked at the water, the angel whispered i was to wash this man’s feet.
Wash his feet?  Well ok only the water is not warm i thought.
Since this was the first time this instruction was given to me,
i wasn’t sure if i was listening correctly. So i looked again at his body
and back to the bowl and Angel whispered again,
‘yes, wash his feet.’

So i brought the bowl of water closer to his ankles and told him
i was going to put water on his feet and that it might be a bit cold.
I was relieved that he didn’t seem to flinch or care at all about the cooler water
temperature and i continued to dip my hands into the bowl and put the water
on each of his feet, one at a time.
Then I wrapped his feet in paper towels as i had nothing
else and i didn’t want his feet to get cold.  I continued to clear his luminous
energy field and performed an illumination.

About 15 minutes later we both got up and this exceptionally devoted teacher
and fine man began to tell me of his creative interests, the work he does with angels
as well, and the music and the children’s stories the angels inspire him to write.
As he spoke he became absolutely radiant with hope for the future.
He was imagining his angelic music could be taught to the children and the joy
it would bring, to them, and to the world.
He was clearly feeling much happier and determined to return to his work
in a new light.
He was verbally creating his vision for the future as he spoke, a vision which
would move his destiny into sync with his profound mystical nature.

This is the significance of the new life on earth:
to learn how to link our destinies with our mystical visions of happiness
and well being.