Intro to ‘All Planets in Direct Motion’™

and when does the next APDM period happen?

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APDM is a significant time when all the planets in our solar system are moving in the same direction as seen from the Earth’s point of view when looking out into the sky. 

The next awesome cycle of APDM begins on 1.20.2013 and ends on 2.18.2013 .

The entire cycle of nearly 4 weeks is a time of acceleration and the potential of this timing is enormous and unlimited.   While there are 100’s of ways to be co-creating and magnifying attraction to your work or goals, there is only one All Planets in Direct Motion timing this year.
The next APDM timing is in less than one year from now and in the following year, in 2014, there is no APDM.   From my own personal research, it is possible to activate the timing of this cycle.  It’s based on the velocity of thought that is accelerated at this time. With a common focus, we inform the solar system, the entire intergalactic sphere,  that we earthlings are ready for a new more positive world.  We also inform our own cells down to our DNA that we are ready for a change that is good.  This holds true  for both individually and collectively. Meaning the more people involved in positive harmonious peaceful tolerance etc, the further this moves our consciousness forward to PEACE on Earth instead of whatever it is this current operating system has us believing is the truth. We know very well we didn’t go through all we did to get born on this planet, just for those in ‘authority’ to tell us we have to work hard here  and for long hours, as though we are just like slaves in order to pay the rent.  We are meant to be celebrating the gift and miracle of our life on this glorious extraordinary planet and not worried about whether or not there are huge bills to pay. This is true for everyone no matter how rich or poor. The operating system creates fear and anxiety.  ALL PLANETS DIRECT MOTION ™ is meant to remove all worries so we can FOCUS our INTENTIONS on the NEW WORLD of global peace and so, here comes the stretch in belief,  the cosmos is listening to us too…. You can tackle that one while I move on.

So negative thinking and disbelief is the real challenge before we can make this a global paradise.   For some, there are obstacles and difficulties every step of our way.   Some of our difficulties are extremely serious.  APDM can offer a moment out of time to shift our encounter with ourselves and so shift our world.   At the same time, no matter how awful is the economy, or no matter how serious our personal circumstances are, or no matter if there is some kind of earth shift, APDM may be a gift that we can choose to shift our conscious into greater awareness, into a new awakening for  greater courage, strength, endurance, resilience, boldness confidence and a feeling of being totally hooked up to the Universal Power.
From the Earth’s perspective, all the planet are moving in one direct motion after all – this is meant to be a huge global celebration~~~~!!!!

If you feel are in a position to give this cycle your attention, well, you have nothing whatsoever to lose and only to gain.  There is nothing to hold you back if you are consciously collaborating with this specific cycle.