“Symbolically speaking, it is as if the entire Solar System is backing up both our team efforts and our individual intentions during APDM, just to further our dreams and goals.   APDM is a primordial and cohesive state carrying the most directed energies towards Unity.  It is a celestial gift.”     Wave Rayne,
first discoverer of All Planets Direct Motion as an event in real time

All Planets Direct presents a Star Coded Activation Spiritual Discussion and Meditation Class with Wave Rayne

 APDM –  January 6th, 2019 at 1pm Eastern, US

Dear Ones,
We warmly welcome you to our  First Call of 2019 –  ….

 “We are the ones we have been waiting for”  is the new truth of the 21st century, and as we own it for ourselves,  it becomes essential  to organize ourselves to evolve forward the world’s current operating system which has, for the past several millenium been based predominantly upon capitalism, patriarchal rule, and just the two genders. We can evolve whether we organize or not , it is just that our  when we are working together with new consciousness teams and villages around the globe, we are far more productive and it takes less time to for new initiatives to get going. .

We are shifting rapidly into the New Age of Aquarius and it really is ‘up to us’ to inspire the changes we seek. The new norm is where two of the key traits of Aquarius,  ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’,  are practiced more often than not.   We can see how the transgender and multi-gender community can be seen literally as early on initiators for the coming of a New World Order.

When Wave Rayne first discovered All Planets Direct Motion, (APDM) she saw in a flash revelation that APDM is a time where the collective masses can also shift our collective unconscious from conditioned ‘fears of scarcity’ into a deeply held appreciation of the Earth’s fertility and fecundity.
She ‘saw’ millions of people gathering around the world to meditate for WORLD WIDE PEACE and ABUNDANCE for all.
She saw the leaders of countries begin to place a priority on the well being of the Earth over corporate greed and profits.
She then began to organize, ” Synchronized Global Meditations for Peace” to further the best parts of the Aquarian Age.

 Astronomically, APDM is when all the planets are going in the same direction and this is considered, since antiquity, to be one of the BEST timings that can ever occur in the Solar System.  There is a total absence of retrograde planets when APDM occurs and, this means astrologically, that  ‘nothing is there to hold us back’ from proceeding to achieve our goals. Nothing gets in the way of success. Success is a given to those born with an APDM chart if all other things are balanced and they act from with heart inspired intentions.
APDM to be sure is relatively rare only occurring about 4% of any given century.

Why meditate for World Wide Peace during APDM?   
Two reasons  –  1) To begin, understand that any time is usually a great time to meditate, for any reason. I.e. its not necessary that we need a Full Moon or a new Moon or special star configuration to meditate better. So we leave the question to you to consider; What if the star codes during an auspicious planetary configuration such as APDM opens a specific portal, like a portal to ascension ?  What if the star codes during certain alignments can raise our collective consciousness higher? Is it worth it to practice together during synchronized global meditations to find out?

2)  When we coordinate our initiatives with the heavens during All Planets Direct ( and other key, star coded configurations), and add our meditation and visions of vast abundance and health, we can see that a world wide team of people, with the same intent,  can manifest our ideals from the “top down”.   You can quickly see how impactful this is when our global village organizes and lends an enlightening influence to all the universe and beyond.   It is naturally uplifting for each individual to dedicate their meditation towards world peace. 10 minutes or longer. It’s enough! The velocity of APDM gives power to the people.

Aquarius, by the way, also carries two other key traits – the qualities of being deeply humanitarian and predominantly egalitarian.
None of the pervasive scarcity concepts proliferating the planet for the past few millenium, of which we are massively conditioned to believe in, is our actual reality.  There is more than enough!  Peace and abundance and sharing of our resources are our natural states.  Community farming, organic food, clean water for everyone.

As we inform our cosmos, ‘we dream in our new world’ on our beautiful Earth.                                                                 

TWO Things Coming up on January 6th 
1 – Synchronized Global Meditation begins at 1pm Eastern, USA beginning on January 6th, with every conscious being all around the world, and we continue daily for the following 2 months.

2 –
On the same day, Jan. 6th, 2019, at the same time, you are invited to attend our
Star Activation Conference Call  with more depths on the spiritual metaphysics of APDM.
We will include the meditation at the end of call.  For the first time, on the same day that APDM begins, we also have a partial Solar Eclipse. Uranus will be leading in APDM with a full moon Lunar eclipse two weeks later. Eclipse and Uranus combined bring in unusual and fated events.

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you will receive both a number and a URL address for your computer to connect to the call
about 45 – 55 minutes.

January 6th, 2019 1pm Eastern, USA          use this link for time zone converter

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Celestial blessings,  long life health and happiness