Wave Rayne currently offers two lectures, with a slide show or webinar,  in person and online.

1) All Planets Direct Motion

APDM is an original piece of work by Wave Rayne*.   This lecture covers the most natural order of the universe, as seen from the Earth’s perspective during a time when all the planets in our Solar System are moving in direct motion.
The timing of APDM is considered to offer a potential period for evolving human consciousness forward.
A most unique period of time also because the people on Earth can have a perspective of the Solar System that is similar to the Sun.
A fabulous and fascinating slide show accompanies the lecture in easy to understand language about the movements of the Solar System.
People are riveted by this lecture, and get into a really good mood with no one wanting to leave when it is over. A thirst for more knowledge about the solar develops. Young adults welcome.
For those more experienced in the language of astrology,  you can add this fascinating material to your research and observation as you no doubt look upon APDM cycles in a new light..

‘Wave Rayne’s research and creativity on uncovering the rarity and importance of APDM is an extremely significant contribution to the astrological community.  It seems to be as important, if not more so, than the often over-emphasized Mercury retrograde cycles, albeit with a very different meaning and implication.  I am looking forward to working with it, and am already sharing about APDM with my students…….’

quote by Daniel Giamario, Founder and Executive Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

2)  The Amazing Awesome Transformations of Venus: Queen of Heaven  – Two Parts 

Part One – This exciting lecture and stunning slide show about Venus and her cycles around the Sun is both astronomical and astrological.
We also look at Venus’s symbols and myth, culture, history, facts and the very effects of the appearance and disappearance of Venus in the night sky.
Engaging more deeply with our cosmos, we learn how to participate with the travels of Venus through observation, celebration and  simple rituals.  We discuss the next heliacal rise of Venus.

Part Two  –  We look at the way Venus operates astrologically and symbolically in the birth charts.   Venus effects each person in a marriage, and, every kind of love relationship. There is a Venus in every woman, expressed as a goddess. There is an internal anima of Venus in every man too. The kind of feminine he is naturally drawn expressing that resides within himself. All men have a feminine side within.  He also will project his anima onto his partners. If his partner’s Venus is similar it will work out. If not, there are complications.
This is incredibly important to know.  For ex, a feeling-oriented physically beautiful woman might have a super developed intellectual Venus, and if she is not deeply appreciated and respected for her mind by her partner, she will not ever feel reallyloved.  To know this kind of info is paramount to keeping our relationships in balance.
In this lecture, we will go through the signs.

Additionally, more advanced astrological charts are studied to detail just how much our human lives are influenced in relation to the eight year cycles of Venus.  Excellent for professionals as well as beginners who are eager to learn more.