Listen to the teens and 20 somethings !
The teens and the young 20 somethings are being given specific instructions as to what to do
in the coming times of the approaching crisis. I say this because those in their early twenties were born with
several planets in the leadership, take charge, responsible, overseer sign of Capricorn, specifically the Uranus/Neptune conjunction with Pluto in Scorpio. Still widely considered within the range of the Indigo Children, these kids are a different kind of leadership intelligence than what the world has seen before and they themselves might not yet even realize they have this positive power to govern over situations that need their assistance. The nature of this new kind of responsible Capricorn is not derived from ego needs to dominate or assert control.  We have simple not ever seen this kind of authority expressed before. Ever.

Those those born in 1998-1995 have a preponderance of Capricorn – leadership – planets in their charts, including Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, these babies were born to administrate and guide this massive global transformational.  Some were born to actually lead the revolt, and with any luck,  bring their parents, communities and their countries to a new kind of homeostasis.

The two planets Neptune and Uranus in conjunction bring in the highest altruism, the highest consciousness, the highest compassion, the highest love, the heavenly songs of the stars…..They represent change for a more refined evolution in humanity. In a way, they are the ones we have been waiting for!  We are the ones we have been waiting for too and the thing is, this is an inclusive situation.

Ages 18-21,  these young beings were born with the great conjunction of Uranus and Neptune and they  have great talents in a wide variety of areas from the arts, to politics to organization. They are the leaders we have been waiting for. These are the one who will build long lasting foundations for Age of Aquarius and civilizations to come.
These kids are constant, persistent, determined, passionate, ambitious.
They are intensely creative, intuitive, imaginative, and possess the most uncanny sense of timing.  They know when to get up and go and do not like to linger a single second past that moment.

So the youth must be informed first before they can configure individually and amongst themselves new guidelines for change and for the coming chaos in our country and abroad. It’s highly likely that topics such as Occupy Wall Street in New York City are not being addressed by teachers in a Spanish, Psychology or Phys Ed class in either college or high school. Perhaps but not guaranteed, the issues around in equality of the 1% vs the 99% are only brought up in a political science class.

It’s really imperative to discuss the nation wide growing concerns for our country and the global situation with our teenagers and give them space to think about it.  Leave them ON THEIR OWN to come up with ideas.  Let them figure out things in a grand scale plan because they are gifted to do this from being born into a transitioning consciousness.  And they will be responsible for making these transitions in time.

Talk to the teens about the collective ‘fear factor ‘ that is present due to the endless struggles with the declining economy for the 99% and how this effects individuals and communities all across America and the world.  (see prior blog for more details)

Watch and you will see what i mean when the youth are given an open ended question and the time to consider options and world policies and report back their unusually beautiful and practical ideas.  This is what they came here to do.  World policies, not just national government.  But they may not know it yet. We can help them, gently, peacefully, warmly. Simply by discussion and asking questions to develop their interior thinking processes.

The teens and young 20’s are natural leaders with a inclusive idealism and a peaceful edge.  They are much more interested in peaceful communications and negotiations than in conflict or war.   They are less interested, as a whole, in violence or violent communications.

The young teens are still riding in on the crystal consciousness and rainbow bridge consciousness that arrived first in the late 1970’s due to the discovery of Chiron.  Chiron brought in a whole new set of enlightened healing practices and a sensitivity to psychic telecommunications and other such phenomena.  The younger teens are also here to download a new operating system for living peacefully on the planet and to teach the older generations  if  we would listen. The young ones are listening carefully as well, and, they can intuit so fast, yes, there is another way that is better, much better than this.  Again, they don’t know yet what that other way is, and that is how the adults can assist them to contact and develop this inner knowing, and to bring it forth.

If the teens or youth have strong Aries or Capricorn or Sagittarius or Leo in their charts, they will be more apt to take a leadership role and accept the responsibility of it.  Aries, Sag and Leo are all fire signs who are internally wired for taking on warrior roles if necessary, though, like most bears and other wild animals, they are essentially internally peaceful and would avoid conflict if they can help it. They are warriors though so remember that –  because defending a cause or the family hearth is very important to them.   Look for any placement of the signs listed above in the chart, specifically look at the Sun, Moon, rising sign, or Venus or Mars or Nodes.

Also Virgo is capable of giving accurate strategic planning to any amount of data in a single focus.  Virgo’s are spectacular strategists and seers of patterns in apparent chaos.
Aquarius teens will be given info coming from the future.  It may not be immediately understood – the brilliance of what they are saying right away.
Aquarian teens could be encouraged to write down all their ideas in a notebook, even ideas that they themselves do not yet understand fully  or ideas that may seem too weird or crazy now. Capricorn as mentioned and also Cancer is born to take on responsibilities that will ensure success for the next 7 generations. Family is very very very important to these two signs. How to best support them? Ask them for their opinions so they can discover more of their own capabilities.
Each of the other signs of the zodiac, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Taurus, Pisces also have very distinct offerings to present to the world during these times of change.  I will write about this in an upcoming blog.

It’s time to really listen and to value the in put of the younger generations into our world politics and to have conversations where everyone can discuss their thoughts in an amicable peaceful setting.  Even if the conversation is only 10 minutes, that is enough. Return to the topic again when it is the right time. What is a solution to world peace? What is in the way? Who is really in charge? Why does the current system for living on the planet, in America at least, see so many people in poverty and so many folks always worried and anxious about money? Why are so many very well off and never have to be concerned about being able to afford to go to a good school, buy quality foods at the health food store, pay for health insurance, get a nice car or house?

The worst thing a parent can do now is to pretend everything will be ok.  Be calm, be clear.  Things are actually going to get not ok for awhile and we can be clear within by meditating and chanting and becoming clear channels ourselves for spontaneous messages as to what to do next.

Teens are smart.  Oh my goodness are they smart.  Their brains will be delineating ‘the next step’ information. If they don’t know about Occupy Wall Street, bring it up over the holidays, this is a good time to explain what is going to them, and to give them the space to think and the platform to speak.

Blessings to everyone, peace, keep safe and stay close



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