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The very first album i bought when i was 12 was  The Jackson Five  featuring Michael singing “I’ll be There.”    It’s a song that expresses a love that endures and never dies and i loved it. I especially loved young Michael’s beautiful voice.   It was and still is a most perfect song. And he had us at the the first chorus and I’ve been dancing to and loving his music for a lifetime.  Even five years ago i was dancing to his Number Ones.  I was also teaching and performing Sufi style belly dance and meditation, only i was always dancing to Michael in my private practice.

So now, about 40 years later after the 6th grade,  and im just skimming over MJ’s astrology chart, because he’s been in the news again, in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to the alarming tweets of concern by his daughter Paris.   The first thing to notice iis that there are transits, posthumously, to MJ’s natal chart that can effect his future’s legacy. These planetary transits are related to recent media stories and events in the Jackson family.

Let’s have a quick look at the planetary influences effecting MJ’s chart which are strong enough to create reverb now three years after his untimely and tragic death.   Because of his extreme fame, and the fact that he is much loved all over the globe and still so deeply missed, because of the massive growth of his estate, transits to his natal chart will continue to bring up his name at specified times, just like now. 

#1 –  Transiting Mars/Saturn are straddling his North Node in Libra in the 12th with Saturn directly conjuncting the N.Node as of now, August 2012.

#2 –  In Michael’s progressed chart, Venus is less than a degree away from his North Node.
The North Node in everyone’s chart points to a future destiny line.  North Node in LIbra in MJ’s natal chart seeks fair, equal, balanced partnership.  It seeks connection. Peaceful. Loving, Harmonious connection.  Libra seriously takes the relationship as sacred to their inner core.
Now, with Mars and Saturn currently hitting off Michael’s North Node in Libra, can be seen in the arguments over his estate and their causing separation and diversion amongst the relatives.   Katherine, MJ’s mother was taken to Arizona by her children, without MJ’s children being told about this, or having access to her or she to them for 10 days.  Paris is naturally freaked out by the sudden disappearance of her grandmother and tweets about it furiously.   Paris can be seen as MJ’s natal Venus which is coming closer to North Node mentioned above (#2). Our female children can be Venus in the chart, our male children can be associated with Mercury.   As per the North Node in MJ’s chart,  the point of personal and collective destiny, i am inclined to take another look at the essential message or purpose of Michael Jackson’s life of astronomical fame.  In what way does Michael’s fame serve the world?  
MJ super star with millions of fans around the world, often transmits an ecstatic quality of sound into his music and an precision of alignment into his dance.  His dance work is awesome. I’ve often said he is one of my most favorite dancers of all time.   The point though, is to look at the higher energy vibration transferred to us through Michael’s work and how this energy connection is the very thing that serves as his life purpose.   Energy connection, joy, ecstatic movement, the purity of his voice.  Do the people in the world need this? Seriously, we can never get enough of it.   Astrologically,  MJ’s birth Venus is conjunct natal Uranus in Leo and Mercury, all in Leo and  in the 6th house.    These three planets all combine to give a striking ability to channel uniquely creative artistry in a cool way through practice, devotion and lots of hard work. Plus Uranus can lift one’s name into the public view.

Venus with Uranus also can give an unusual ability to experience altered states of consciousness that bring in universal love.  A part of the mystery of Michael, and maybe some know this intuitively, is that he would often experience momentary expanding states of ecstatic love.   These transcendent states of pure connection to a higher realm coursed through his being while he was performing and often while he was rehearsing and imagining new songs into being.  This is the more exalted and mystical side of the combination of Venus to Uranus and also in the sign of Leo.  It assists the individual as it did MJ’s superstar status through an enlightened creative urge to express and transmit beauty and love to others on a large scale.

A similar state is amplified in Michael’s chart and that is through his Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, both near to North Node.  In general, one could say, astrologically that transcendent qualities are heightened in his chart.

 Michael gave his name to all of his children i believe so they wouldn’t forget who they were and so everyone else would remember as well.  He bequeathed his entire estate to his children and to his mom.  Young Paris is already taking charge of her own life,  insisting on following up her childhood dream to be a movie actress at the same time fighting off others, including family members, who would dare to threaten her family’s security.   Again, Paris shows up in MIchael’s chart as progressed Venus hits his North Node. 

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Michael’s second child and only daughter, is one who will continue to spread his legacy, to the best of her ability.  Due to a preponderance of planets in Aries in her own natal chart, Paris will become a spokesperson for her own views and when necessary tell stories about Michael and his life and purpose.   Paris has a real intelligence and possesses an amazonian warrior spirit with a loving nature, and a strong family orientation. Because all the Aries planets are in her 12th house, she suffers at the same time from being very vulnerable, fearful, especially without her supportive Dad, and is acutely sensitive to the motivations of others.  She will also deal with feelings of acute isolation and abandonment.  Yet, if she has to, she will fight to protect her brothers and do right by Michael’s spiritual and musical legacy.   

Paris may always have a feeling of privately longing for Michael’s special kind of love.  Can it ever be replaced?  Paris and her siblings relied on MJ very much as there as no mother figure.   This kind of tragic experience can takes years to unfold.  With a strong independent Aries nature, young Paris will hopefully find ways to attract the love she misses, and some of it may arrive through the continuing devotion of Michael’s fans.    Paris will channel also some of Michael’s star power directly through his lineage.   She will receive various gifts and inheritances as well as other things from current life lineage and if you believe in reincarnation, from past lives they’ve enjoyed together. MJ created those kids. He willed them into being like writing his original songs. DNA doesn’t matter, where there is a will there is a way.

Some people feel that Michael may have seriously reincarnated from being an actual king in another lifetime.   Interesting idea right?  All that Leo! Why not?   Astrologically, he passes his royal legacy to Paris through his Pluto conjunct Paris’ North Node.     This contact in the chart between father and daughter shows a future destiny line whereby Michael will continue to fuel his daughter’s dreams, goals and visions for a long time to come.    Even in her sleeping, her dream time,  she will be receiving cosmic energy from him, if she can be introduced to these concepts, she will understand this if it interests her. It will keep her feeling less abandoned through their mysterious connection.
It’s almost like a pre-life agreement the two of them agreed to before she incarnated that Paris continues a mission to further his legacy on Earth.   While it still remains to be seen if she can deliver the star born skill and artistry of her Dad,  and that would be so lovely, she is a stunning beauty and she will strive to be known for her own imaginative intelligence as well.   May everyone in the Jackson clan know inner peace and contentment from this day forward. 

P.S. MIchael’s most fervent message is to make this world a better place and to treat each other kindly.   His legacy is not about fame per se, or wealth or the fortunes he’s made and lost and has made again post-humously.   His legacy is about love.  L.O.V.E.   Love.

Birth data for Michael Jackson – August 29, 1958. 7.33pm, Gary, Indiana
Birth data for Paris Michael Katherine Jackson –  April 3, 1998, 6.26am, Los Angelos, Ca

cosmic blessings,

‘We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving

There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me
Let us realize that a change can only come
When we stand together as one ‘