Fees for live readings with Forest run in 15 minute segments and are held over the phone or through skype. sessions are recorded and sent via email.

$44 – 15mins $88 – 30 mins $122 – 45 mins $155 – 60 mins

request 3 readings paid in full at $111 for one hour include everything – copy of recording

plus birth charts and transits for one year – total $333 . 9 months to complete.

for extra reports sent over the internet –

MIDPOINTS – astonishing, almost hard to believe accurate report! $35 plus shipp or sent via email

6. BASIC ASTROLOGY – $10 – basic description of birthchart – $10 plus shipping or sent via email

7. 12 month SUN/MOON BIRTH ANGLES for ceremony and magic $10, plus shipp. or sent via email

4 – New Lunar Initiation Three Month Astrologic Course beginning SPRING of 2011 – a teleconference class – click on the course title for more info and email Forest to sign u. p (see EDUCATION)

5 – HEALING Human Energy Medicine

Before or following their astrology reading a client can request energy healing sessions. These follow-up natural energy healing sessions help the client access, accept and transform the deeper issues that are present, lingering on the side lines causing all sorts of unwanted traits or havoc that can come up through the astrology reading.

Fees for Healing Human Energy Medicine are $175 per session, however long it takes