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A private session offers the highest possible reach and overview of your present conditions. Your session gives you the opportunity to learn what is going on with your personal cosmos so you can make far more confident and informed decisions for your life.   Tracking star codes always gives you a greater advantage.

What is Cosmic Confirmation?  Finding out that you are on the right track with your stars.

You will discover helpful strategies in your session which will assist you with new ideas and strategies for any predicaments you may be going through. A Star Tracking session helps you to plan for times of great good fortune, like meeting your next true love, finding the job of your dreams or having a child..
The star codes also indicate times 
best suited for resting, retreating, healing or withdrawing from the world to do your deepest most inspired creative work.

Everyone goes through transformational periods during these common ages  – 27 – 29 years old,   37 – 49,   57 – 59,   67 – 69 and on

Other periods of change are indicated only by your own birth chart and they can occur at any age or be concurrent with the age ranges above.

When your life is changing so much and you are helpless to stop it, this is a sign that you are experiencing an outer planetary initiation.
All outer planetary Initiations are game changers. A way to recognize a Planetary Initiation is when nothing is working out in your life the way it once did. You try your best to shift things up and the situation remains the same.  Feelings of frustration and despair.  Please avoid blaming yourself for feeling stuck or confused.    
When you know what’s up, literally, you can coordinate your life with your stars.  This, is wisdom.
During a Session you will be given what was called by medieval astrologers,  ‘remedial measures’.   It’s kind of like homework though it may includes photos, or gemstones, or walking outside and facing a specific direction.
An example of a remedial measure you are most familiar with is to wear a gemstone for good luck, based on your zodiac sun sign.  Amethyst is meant to be lucky for Aquarius, Garnet for Capricorn, for Taurus – Diamonds and Emeralds…..
A few other kinds of remedial measures will be suggested during your personal session to assist you with manifesting, connecting, producing the best results.
lients have noticed exceptionally awesome positive outcomes when they focus on the remedial measures and get them done.   That is a hint by the way.

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Fees for Sessions –
  Sessions are $197 for 90 mins.
 In honor of All Planets Direct Motion 2017, we are offering a few more  choices.
We recommend $80 for 30 minutes, or  $144.00 per hour.
 For those dealing with an immediate situation, we offer now a very exclusive transformational Intensive for you. 

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