Star Light Coaching and Shamanic Healing with the Zodiac

sessions with Skype, cell/phone, or in person 

The epic life.  The life of a heroine. The life of a hero.
It’s time.
To have
Your stars
Decoded by a
Master AstrologerStephanie Tetra Forest is a certified Shamanic Astrologer who specializes in giving astrology readings using easy to understand language. Unless you are familiar with the language of Astrology, she doesn’t bog down the recipient with lots of astro-jargon, or possible events occurring way into the future. Because it’s a waste of time.

What is prevalent is what is happening now and how to prepare oneself to make better decisions to create a better future.Forest believes that Astrologers are meant to offer clarity, first and foremost, and then to inspire, guide, and uplift.
Most astro-journeys into one’s inner cosmos are intended to make shift out of unwanted circumstances,  and/or , to attract more successful and joyful circumstances.
When we participate with our cosmos, it’s like working with energetic forces assisting us to grow and develop ourselves and ultimately to finding greater harmony on Earth.
If you are interested in a personal reading, and would like to uncover solutions to deeply rooted conditions,  or just check into what is happening from a celestial point of view, which is really when you think about it,  the largest overview there is,  then you may request a Star Light Reading. All readings are offered by Skype , Google Hangouts, and phone.
Forest travels widely and you can sometimes catch her in person in your home state.
You can ask any question you like on topics including finances, business and career, family, marital and sacred relationships, spirituality and life purpose, sexuality,  health issues and relocation.
Payment is expected prior to the reading.Forest honors the soul forces and inner being of each client and also respects the code of ethics as stated with the National Council for GeoCosmic Research (NCGR).

Always, your success is Stephanie’s top priority and she researches your chart ahead of time to look for the avenues to take for your highest regard and benefit and for the overall good of all involved.

“Out of the dark, comes the greatest light.”

It is guaranteed that you and your astrologer work together in sacred space.

 Conscious Wisdom Practices
Star Light Astro-Shamanic Coaching includes:

Physical Healing  –  health, exercise, nutrition, herbs, wild blue green , walking with the zodiac,  healing through zodiac archetypes, spiritual shamanic healing
Vibrational Healing  –  essential oils and flower essences,  shamanic,  spiritual and metaphysical astrology practices
Energetic Healing  –  shamanic energy healing methods, spiritual and mystical astrology techniques
Soul Nutrition  –  spiritual, mental, emotional practices including direct conversations to nurture the body, spirit, mind and soul, shamanic pathways, star encoded philosophies, wild blue green

Technical  Astro  –   Forest reads natal charts and applies advanced methods  including:  solar arc, progressions, solar returns, mid-points, Sabian symbols,  transits, progressions and solar arc, pre-natal eclipses, lifetime arc.  She works with Chiron and the 4 main asteroids and strongly aspected Uranian points.

You can ask any question you like, any topic is ok to explore and kept confidential.


 Deep Sky Star Light INitiation– good for a lifetime

Astrology provides the widest if not literally the highest possible overview of your life.  So what is really going on with you RIGHT NOW?
What are the best strategies for you to take NOW for your brilliant future ?

Specifically, are the doors about to open? Are you at a crossroad?  Is it time to build and expand? Find love?  Or relocate?  Change jobs?  Go on a much deserved retreat?
Allow your astrology chart to illuminate a bigger picture so you can make smart choices.

90 minutes of in-depth,  life affirming, and transformational material.

Private, one on one sessions.
Recordings are sent to you along with a color copy of your birth chart.
$247.00 for 90 minutes
3 follow-up sessions, within 6 months – $147.00 an hour  or  $ 87.00 for a half hour

$427.00 for couples.  3 follow up sessions within 6 months – $247  for two for 75 minutes.



ONE Starlight Astrology Reading
TWO Shamanic Healing with the Zodiac sessions 


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#4   TwiLight Coaching Sessions

After your Star Light INitiation Reading or a Star Light INtensive, you can choose to have TwiLight Coaching too.

What is TwiLight Coaching?
Twilight Coaching Sessions are 2.5 hours.

In the Twilight, we continue from where we left off in the Astro -INitiation, and we decompress more deeply some of the more pressing issues that require more in depth analysis.

Some individuals enjoy to rest from responsibilities, exhaustion, overwhelm and more and a bed or couch is provided.

Twilight Coaching Sessions –   $291.00 for 2.5 hours

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Shamanic Healing with the Zodiac

Sacred Space is set up first
10 minutes of discussion
You will then be invited to lie down on a couch or a bed or on the floor
Specific zodiac hand passes, associated to the 12 constellations on the ecliptic, in our solar system,  Aries to Pisces,
are drawn over your luminous energy body.  Sometimes a feather is used.

The 12 signs of the zodiac can be seen as though living within our human bodies. This view was used by the ancient doctor-astrologers of antiquity.
We can re-calibrate the 12 signs within your system and also your 7 chakra points are also cleared and illuminated.
Extra passes may be made to align one area that is needing greater assistance.
10 more minutes of discussion.
An essential oil may be recommended.

$97 – 45 minutes

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ASTRO-COACHING plus  SHAMANIC HEALING WITH THE ZODIAC You sign up for TEN,   60 – 75 minute sessions,  over an 8 week period. We meet two times a week to start.

What to expect ? A shift that you are looking forward to seeing happen and needing to happen as soon as possible. You will be a couple of things to do for homework throughout each session. We make a list and go over it so there is total understanding of what to do. This kind of homework is called “Remedial Measures”.

The homework is sacred work to mitigate against unwanted  and unproductive ‘energy fields’ that may be undermining to your success and your life path. Your homework is sacred. People do the remedial measures with total intention and conviction Both the work in session and afterwards help to change things around for the better – to shift from one level, to a higher level. Without the homework, nothing much happens for a change. If for whatever reason, the homework cannot be done, we stop the sessions.

Suggestions are given to raise healing potential and any extra purchase is always optional. Examples of recommendations may include an essential oil, a super food supplement, or a dietary change. Most all of the homework and the recommendations involve resourcing from nature.

With the star cycles synchronized for greater harmony and success, clients report tremendous success in various projects they have been working on for months or years. Within 6 weeks, there is usually a lightning fast shift. Are you ready to make the shift?


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#4 All Planets Direct Motion in Real TIme !!

APDM occurs on Dec. 25, 2015 and last for 11 days.
Stephanie Tetra Forest writes out messages daily often inspired by the oversoul of the solar system whom she refers to as Urania, the 9th ancient muse from antiquity.
Urania was and still is considered to be the ruler of the solar system and also the ruler of prophesy.

For  25 days you will Receive Daily personally constructed emails from Stephanie about APDM as it is occurring beginning one week before APDM, during APDM, and one week after APDM.

There will be astrological insights combined with connections to the earthly life plus all sorts of guidance messages to really deeply connect further with the cosmos and the unique and special period when all the planets are moving in direct motion as seen from the Earth.

This will be the third global online event for APDM!!!
We are continuing to make solar system history.


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