Venus is so close to the Sun in LEO today. We cannot see Her. The light of the Sun blocks our view of Her.
Venus is in between Sun and Earth.
This is the called the Interior Conjunction.
An alchemical exchange, a Solar System event evolving forward of the HIghest Mysteries right now, while Venus is within the beams of light and cannot be seen on Earth.

The Sun bestows the Light upon Her, and She receives the new teachings related to the Organic Nature of the Sacred Feminine….

Venus in Leo is a fiery Goddess, and will emerge as Queen of Heaven, rising before the Sun in 6 days time.

Meditations on the Essential Feminine Teachings on Leo, The Amazon Warrior Goddess, and on the reception of Light and the transference of Light.
Calling forth and disseminating to all the directions for Teachings about Self Love, Enlightenment, Love, and Creation.