This is a very interesting time in our lives.
Here in Sedona and at The Greenhouse, each night, and around the world, night sky observers and researchers are looking out at Venus after dusk in the West and observing the Beauty and the continual slow but steady descent into the beams of the Sun. As of May 30th, Venus has descended in the Underworld and is no longer seen as a night time star. She will emerge soon, as a morning star…..

We use only 100% certified organic seeds and soil and
we have artesian well water fed from the Oak Creek waters. 

We have two specialities: 
1 – Sunflower Greens for salads and snacks and stir fries, and baking. OR replanting.
2 – Wheat Grass trays for juicing the rich green chlorophyl out of the blades. Exceptional high end nutrition for us humans and our pets. Cats and dogs love the grass. Also you can plant the trays in your yard and grow a lawn. You don’t have to water it so much either. But it will grow high so you might want to have a pair of shears around.  

blessed be,