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MAY 4th at 3pm Arizona timeDIAL In #
(949) 812-4599Access Code: 951073#

This call will be recorded.
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Blessings to everyone!
 Seeking 6 professional astrologers, counselors, shamans, empaths, and/or healers to join me in my next course for us to observe and experience another Real Time Cosmic Event.  This event is Venus Retrograde coming up mid-May.
For those working with the Shadow aspects of Self, this is an exceptionally intriguing time.
Why?Venus Retrograde is a metaphor for Underworld teachings of intense spiritual surrender, and as such, for the process of emptying, emptying, emptying into states of total nothingness…..This highly significant 5 week cosmic drama is astro-symbolically related to the Divine Feminine Mysteries of: birth, death, rebirth and transformation.You are at the center of the Journey.(Take Note: this course is a cross over kind of thing meaning it is not required that you be astrologer in order to participate and strengthen your intuitive faculties and awareness of cosmic influences.)Course will have 3 teleseminars over the  5 weeks of the Retrograde phase.You will receive also 5 weekly emails designed to assist you in the navigation of your As Above, So Below.A more detailed discussion of this Course in coming up in a teleconference on
MAY 4th at 4PM ARIZONA time –Arizona time is like Pacific Time for now.
Mountain time is 4pm
Central time is 5pm
Eastern time is 6pm
If you are living on the other side of the world from the USA,  3pm May 3rd is 8am in the morning on May 4th.
(time zones)This is a professional course and for various reasons, we are setting a sliding scale fee.
Thank you for your interest and your participation.

with tenderness,

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