The true story behind the discovery of All Planets Direct Motion

Wave Rayne***  is the first American teacher of All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM).
Her research has been published in print,  in different languages,  and, online for the world’s largest academic astrological organizations. She is a mystical studies scholar interested in the way personal consciousness meets up with universal consciousness. She combines the endless study and practice of astrological wisdom teachings with Sufism and Core Shamanism.

Wave guides global synchronized meditations for APDM and teaches shamanic astrology in person and online. She enjoys to nourish her student’s minds to learn more and experience a developing cosmic connection with spiritual realms above and beyond the stars. 
She enjoys to meet people of all ages from all over the world, and likes to garden, travel, dance, and walk by the ocean.
You will have a better image of Wave by reading about her discovery of APDM below.

Over the past 10 years, particularly in the past 5 years,  1000’s of people are now paying close attention to and meditating for global peace and personal success due to Wave’s articles and her frequent posts on her FB page, All Planets Direct.
New tribes of conscious friends with common interests form as people converse and share meditational experiences during APDM.  APDM’s highest ideal is the state of world wide unity – peace on Earth.

 All Planets Direct Motion was brought to Wave’s attention in 2008.
The discovery of All Planets Direct Motion was revealed to Wave in a flash revelation,
an instant understanding which came through during a conversation with a local friend
one Thanksgiving Eve, in Great Barrington, Mass.

This is what happened moments before discovery –
Wave was listening to her friend speak on conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve –
these are theories Wave had never ever heard before up until then.  
Without going into details,
the theory centered on the fact that wealthy families gathered to save the entire nation
from bankruptcy in a secret meeting on an island off Georgia by loaning great sums of money,
with interest to the government. The law was put into place during Christmas week at the Senate
when most were out on vacation.

The astrologer’s mind often makes correlations of the planet and signs to people or events….
It’s just an astrologer’s thing. In any case, Wave noticed 3 powerful thoughts related
to the topic of this particular conspiracy theory, which turns out was actual fact.

1) Pluto    2) Capricorn  3) Plutocracy

Pluto  =  conspiracy and the secrecy   
Capricorn  =  elite families and also Capricorn is keenly interested in the 7 generations to come.
Plutocracy is when the country’s most elite families have a controlling interest in government and laws
and they do this to preserve status and to keep on increasing their family’s wealth far into the future.
(quick history lesson – the word Plutocracy was first used in 1631, way before the discovery of the planet Pluto in 1930)

After seeing these correlations in her mind’s eye, without hesitation jumped up to grab her Ephemeris,
book of planetary transits,  thinking she hadn’t looked at it in awhile,  and quickly looked up to see what sign was Pluto in.
She was kind of shocked to see that Pluto had only just ingressed into the sign of Capricorn
within the past 24 hours and was currently at zero degrees Capricorn……Talk about synchronicity!
The symbolism of Pluto in Capricorn was brilliantly matching the convo on conspiracy theories involving plutocratic families.

To be sure, the conspiracy has NOTHING to do with APDM.  What happened was while Wave was glancing
at the Ephemeris for that night, November 27th, 2008, she was then 
surprised again to see that Uranus was about
to station direct in the morning.  
How incredibly interesting she thought to herself.
Pluto just ingressed into Capricorn and Uranus was about to station direct within less than 2 days of each other.
This exact combo will never happen again in many 100s and 1000s of years.  These are two powerhouse planets.

Something was up!
eling very excited Wave quickly glanced at all the other planets in the Ephemeris and
saw all the other planets were also in direct motion too.
Then she looked to see when the next planet would retrograde and
and the next planet didn’t retrograde for another month.  

Her next thought led Wave to experience the revelation about All Planets Direct Motion.

Her whole body began to shake as she realized in a split second that she never thought
before of when there would be an APDM event.   Ever.  In 30 years of astrological studies, observation, research and consults.
And if she hadn’t thought of it before, chances are many other astrologers hadn’t either. 

1)  and this is because astrologers never really discussed it even thought,  a ‘chart without retrogrades”
is considered especially beneficial by astrologers, even more so for horary astrology and electional astrology.
2)  another reason astrologers hadn’t discussed APDM is because APDM is not either a transit or a cyclical event.
3)  APDM doesn’t have a repeating orbit.  APDM only happens when all the planets stop retrograding, from the Earth’s point of view.

The next moment Wave also realized she had NO IDEA how long these APDM events lasted.
When was the last one or when would the next APDM occur?
At this point, her body started shaking internally and her thoughts racing.

She perused her mind’s internal astro databank throughout her 30 years of research into the stars 
She mentally glanced into the 300 books she had in astro library
and couldn’t remember a single class, lecture or book with any real mention of APDM.

She asked herself, “How could we not being paying attention to this and not know when it will happen each year?
How long do these events last?   How often do these events occur?
Most significantly, how we could have missed APDM being right in front of our faces and not seeing it as an event to pay attention to?”

Astrologers consider chart ‘without retrogrades” as it was formerly described,
as there are no retrogrades to hold anything back. 
Those born with during APDM can become unbelievably successful in their lives and famous.
It’s a great time for a merger, an acquisition, a marriage or an Inauguration.
So how come astrologers never ever spoke about it ???

Wave realized she might have uncovered some kind of new and true discovery in the field of astrology, based on the astronomy.
She then started to get cosmic downloads about what was the underlying spiritual and mystical meaning behind APDM
she didn’t stop shaking for many more weeks to come. 

Wave is pleased to see that so many astrologers are now using APDM in their research and making Youtube videos too.
This is all good and the way it is supposed to be when a new discovery is made and revealed 

If you are borrowing any of the research material on Wave’s discovery or this website, it is requested to give Wave Rayne
professional credit.

To learn more of what was revealed to Wave about the true meaning and symbolism of APDM,
a book is intended to be written and published in 2019.

Wave appreciates your interest, support and sponsorship of her continual research into the fascinating configurations and beauty of the solar system, and for leading global synchronized meditations during the event of All Planets Direct Motion.
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