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Forest presents APDM to Shamanic Astrologers in Arizona, October 2, 2010

The 2nd article for the National Council for GeoCosmic Research Memberletter
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(written by Wave Rayne,  formerly SF)

‘Now, here in this moment, from our geo-centric view, our entire solar system, moving together, in the same direction, like a flowing cosmic river, all traveling towards this one direction.  From the position of the Sun or Earth’s perspective, All Planets in Direct Motion represents an organic, holistic, synchronous, harmonious group passage through the endless universe.’ sf

This article is a follow up to ‘All Planets In Direct Motion’ (APDM) first published in NCGR member letter Jan. 2010.  You may recall APDM is a new description or classification for any kind of chart where ‘all the planets are in direct motion’.  APDM is a term that also defines a very specific planetary cycle, one without retrogrades, and that can be determined by Ephemeris.

So far as we know, research from antiquity to present may have neglected to mention the cycles of time when all planets are in direct motion as seen from the Earth’s perspective. Nevertheless, modern astrologers have always labeled a chart with all planets in direct motion as – ‘a chart with zero retrogrades,’ and this phrase, while accurate, casts a shadow on the distinguishing APDM fact in that all the planets in our solar system are in union in their direct motion, and this alternate description holds its own kind of truth.

When APDM was revealed to me it was suddenly interesting to be absolutely clueless when the next cycle of APDM would occur.  Even though it describes a chart or a cycle in the natural order of the universe, and a very basic idea at that, we, astrologers, just never spoke about it before. It felt like i was given to midwife an idea that came from seemingly nowhere, maybe from the cosmos itself.

The idea of APDM was a clear example of how culturally accepted perspectives, even astrological perspectives, can become habitual. A subtle shift must take place to see things from a different view than what has been previously conditioned over the ages. It would seem any new change in thought and consciousness from prior conditioning, can be linked to the current Turning of the Ages where the constellations are changing behind the solstice and equinox points. That night of discovery was like a wake-up call  – to unfold the evolutionary design of APDM appearing at this time, and, to accept continuing modifications in perception.

Technical astro – data stuff – I immediately collected the data by hand with my ephemeris to verify APDM. Whether I used the ephemeris book or the ephemeris on computer to locate APDM cycles, it took nearly an hour to compute the data for every 10 years. In February 2010, at the well-organized and terrific NCGR Boston Conference, Ray White, expert webmaster of Solar Fire, kindly helped me to program APDM cycles.  Happily it only takes a minute or two to put in the data into ‘electional search’ and about 5-7 minutes for the computer to compute 1000 years at a time. The computer is not only quicker and easier on the eyes, it’s far more accurate.

Though my original Table of Objective Data in January’s article was proof-read several times by myself and two other professional astrologers, all three of us failed to spot one of the cycles in just a 10 year span! The computer indicated there are not one but actually two APDM cycles coming up in Dec. 2010. These occur 12/5/10 -12/10/10, beginning with Uranus stationing direct at 26 Pisces 40, and ending with Mercury retrograde at 5 Capricorn 53. The next APDM cycle follows up soon after on Dec. 30, 2010 – Jan 26, 2011, with Mercury stationing direct and Saturn turning retrograde.* (see my website for 10 year Table for APDM) As previously mentioned, the specific planet leading into the APDM cycle by stationing direct may be very auspicious and can color the nature of the entire cycle.

Some more technical data about APDM cycles and then we can discuss its meaning. Though the cycles of APDM can last for under an hour, they normally occur anywhere from about 5 days to up 2.5 months. The computer averages APDM between 3.3% – 4% in any given year, about one cycle per year, though up to three cycles have been listed a least a few times in the past 2000 years.

From now into the next 30 years, APDM occurs roughly once a year, occasionally twice, as in this coming December 2010, and occasionally a year goes by without APDM at all as in 2014.  Surprisingly large absences of APDM cycles are noted such as the 40 year gap from 2039-2079.*

Because the outer planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, are in Capricorn and Aquarius and Pisces, and because these planets spend longer times in retrograde, and because they actually retrograde during the summer, when they are in opposition to the Sun, in the signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo, APDM is occurring at this time more often in the winter. Winter APDM cycles continue for the next 14 years or so when they eventually show up in spring, and then years later, in the summer months.

As mentioned, it is significant to me that APDM was first revealed on a day beginning a Uranian-driven APDM cycle, Nov. 27th 2008 and the meaning for APDM cycles came through me on two different levels. My first response was based on ‘astro-logical’ reasoning, astrological logic. The second response is more idealistic, global community and future oriented, as befitting a Uranian-led cycle.

Astro-logic analysis for APDM
It is largely agreed amongst astrologers today that the intent of a planet is altered when it is retrograde as the energy is turned inward and the emphasis is on the subjective and the inner world of the individual. Therefore, with a complete lack of overly subjective internalizing retrograde influences in the natal chart, the native with APDM would tend to: trust their instincts without much hesitation, be bold, self-confident and potently gifted in focused areas. An ‘all planets in direct motion’ birth chart also indicates a willingness and a readiness to take the necessary steps to realize one’s dreams and visions, the native displays an unswerving focus and determination, accompanied by an inherent feeling of support for their mission from a higher power.

People with APDM charts  include Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Coco Chanel, Edgar Alan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Darwin, Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, Marc Chagall, Yehudi Menuhin, T.E. Lawrence, Franz Kafka, Twiggy, Nero, and five American Presidents 5.

Side note – Before the discovery of the outer planets after Saturn, retrograde planets were viewed as inauspicious or carrying a less than favored energetic. Some of these views of retrogrades continue to this day, though they may be somewhat archaic since the outer planets are retrograde up to 40% of the time in their cycles and therefore most people and charts contain at least one retrograde.  At least two of the APDM Presidents are known for being amongst the worst presidents in American history, and while they did have the APDM boldness and confidence to make it all the way to becoming president, their having APDM charts did not make them great presidents.  The point here is mostly to avoid making sweeping judgments or prejudices that retrogrades are ‘bad’ or that planets in forward direction are all good. While most of the APDM analysis is positive and even idealistic, there are for example, shadow aspects to the personalities of APDM charts. In some cases the determination and will to succeed can make for a overly blunt manner and a lack of awareness or even a lack of interest of their effects on other people.

For the most part, APDM charts seem to signify something rather potent in terms of carrying a direct intent.

For an electional or mundane chart with an APDM cycle, the unified network of forward moving planets may serve to strengthen the achievement of certain goals with far greater ease, an ‘all systems go’ orientation can turn out to be an exceptionally positive time for an organization to launch a new initiative, or a time to begin an exciting expedition. Especially for the group effort, an APDM chart might yield a positive, compelling energy to the individuals of the group, to bond swiftly over common goals, with increasing levels of confidence, determination, and even faith. APDM may add even more faith to their faith, both in themselves and in their project.
Just one caution about drawing up an APDM electional chart, and that is one might take into consideration if a planet is turning retrograde by progression soon after the APDM cycle as this could change things or even reverse direction.

Uranian, future–oriented responses for APDM –
An APDM cycle is definitely one of hope for the future. It’s uniquely a time where the earth’s perspective becomes like the Sun. Where the vibration of the solar system can provide an extraordinary kind of cosmic assistance to any endeavor created to benefit, rather than to hinder, human life on earth.
Where the whole planet can be energized by cosmic fuel rather than fossil fuels.

With our solar system moving about 600,000 mph, with this kind of speed and power, maybe it takes just one molecule of APDM sunlight to transfer a new kind of sustainable solar system energy to the earth without harm to natural life on earth. Velocity, acceleration and movement are all intrinsically related to All Planets in Direct Motion.

From a futuristic trans-global perspective, especially during these prophetic timings, it is really up to us to co-create new ways to better our lives on Earth. Yes, we could retroflect on different APDM cycles in the past and check out which were the leading and exiting planets of the cycle and possibly make correlations to events. This is the time proven way and is a very sound academic and historical way to teach and to learn astrology and this kind of research was definitely included in this article. An alternative more experiential approach is to also listen to the intuitive teachings that we sense in the moment during an APDM cycle and observe the activities and news around us. Then collectively share our observations in order to round up similar themes. We may discover for ex. that a Uranus-led APDM cycle may help us to create special conditions to speed up healing or to discovering natural cures for various diseases. The APDM cycle offers potent timing to invite people all over the globe to focus on revealing new cures or methods for cosmic fuel together at the same time. Global consciousness (sometimes called “field consciousness”) is the notion that when groups of people focus their minds on the same thing, they influence “the world at large. Current advances in Quantum Physics propose the theory of mass consciousness as well.

All Planets in Direct Motion takes a big village to evolve its highest potential.  My current vision is for many astrologers and friends of astrologers to collectively witness and experience this cycle and then gather our observations. Anything to create more peace and a healthier life on earth.

A reminder, the next two APDM cycles begin in Dec. 5th – Dec. 10th and Dec. 30th 2010 – Jan 26th 2011.  An interactive BLOG is set up on my website to compile experiences, thoughts, ideas, intuitions and revelations.

Footnotes 1,2,3,4,5

1  Like on Oct 25, 0532 at 4:16:55 pm (UT +0:00), Neptune stations direct, and then, less than 45 minutes later, Mercury retrogrades at 5:00:03 pm.
Or in 0768 on Aug 31 at 4.14.34 when Venus stations direct and than one minute two seconds later, Uranus retrogrades.
This represents a 1.2 minute APDM cycle

2  In 1748 to 1801 there was a 54-year gap without a single APDM cycle.  At least three huge wars occur during this time, American Revolution, French and Indian War, French Revolution. Also the invention of Cotton Gin occurs, 1793. Uranus is discovered by William Herschel March 13, 1781.

3  Several astrologers have also come up with very similar thoughts for describing APDM, or ‘charts with zero retrogrades’ including Erin Sullivan, “Retrograde Planets, pg. 159.  G. Calhouns emailed me the following references regarding ‘charts without retrogrades’ – Tracy Marks, ”The Art of Chart Interpretation”, pg 54, March and McEvers, “The Only Way to Learn Astrology’, pg. 94 .

4  These APDM birthdates include Chiron along with planets Mercury to Pluto

5   According to my research and I looked up all 43 presidents, 11% is the accurate number of the presidents with APDM.  For more interesting data on the subject of retrogrades as per McCormick’s research, visit Arlene Kramer’s page at http://www.arlenekramer.net/astrology15.asp

*Wave Rayne is the 33rd, 2006 graduate of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.
Ceremony held on top of a mesa with 12 standing stones at Faywood Hot Springs, NM.
*Wave Rayne is an NCGR member since the 1980‘s. She was mentored by the late, great Joanna Shannon.