Names of Five Presidents born on All Planets Direct Motion


This research on the President is Wave Rayne’s original research published in print and online for the largest Academic Astrological Research organization in the world, the NCGR, in 2009 and 2010.

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14th President Franklin Pierce – November 23, 1804
Jillsborough, NH – Age 48, begins term
APDM entered on 11/21/1804 at 1:43:04 am and leaves 12/20/1804 at 2:43:08 am

16th President Abraham Lincoln – February 12, 1809
Hardin County, KY Age 52 Begins Term
APDM entered on 11/27/1808 at 6:42:21 am and leaves on 2/12/1809,  5:58:40 pm

17th President Andrew Johnson – December 29, 1808
Raleigh, NC, Age 56 Begins Term
APDM Enters 11/27/1808 at 6:42:21 am and leaves on 2/12/1809 5:58:40 pm

42nd President William Jefferson Clinton – August 19, 1946
Hope, AK – Age 46 Begins Term
APDM Enters 8/12/1946 at 5:02:51 pm and leaves on 9/27/1946 at 6:01:05 pm

43rd President George Walker Bush – July 6, 1946
New Haven, CT – Age 54 Begins Term
APDM Enters 6/16/1946 at 4:18:07 am and leaves on 7/19/1946 at 2:55:07 pm