ALL PLANETS DIRECT MOTION is copyrighted. Wave Rayne first published about APDM in the NCGR Memberletter in 2009 and in 2019. The discovery made by Wave Rayne happened on Thanksgiving Eve, 2008. If you borrow the data or the research, do the right thing and give professional courtesy to Wave Rayne for the discovery. Call APDM correctly by the name she dubbed it as well – All Planets are in Direct Motion.
Wave acknowledges that it is a universal astrological concept. She doesn’t expect to be remembered for it in future generations, and while she is still alive, since she brought it out to the public, it is a matter of being professional courtesy to give her credit for bringing this event into world view in her lifetime.
Do the right thing.

Finally, at the first the phrase All Planets Direct seemed to be good for the name of the event however the word Motion kept coming up. After a very long internal debate over the more expedient All Planets Direct, The word Motion was added to the name because when you take a moment to visualize APDM, it is an experience of all the planets moving together in one forward direction. Motion is intrinsic to the event.  ALL PLANETS DIRECT is used for the website for expediency of typing in a shorter url.

Please join with Wave as we study and research this phenomenon in the years to come.

APDM Events  – Present and Future

2024 – January 28th –  April 2nd, Uranus stations Rx and then Mercury stations Direct   – about 66 days 

2023 – January 23rd – April 21st  –  about 90 days of APDM commencing with Uranus in Taurus stationing direct and ending with Mercury stationing RX also in Taurus .   Possibly the longest APDM since discovery 2008!!!! 

2022 – February 3rd – April 29th 2022  –  86 days of APDM –
research done by Wave Rayne, discoverer of APDM, with the best of intentions ….
86 days of APDM starting with Mercury in Capricorn direct at 24 degrees 23
at 11:13pm Eastern USA.
when Pluto stations Rx in Capricorn at 27 degrees 03, this ends the APDM event on
April 29th 2.38pm Eastern USA.

 This is also a Pluto Conjunct Pluto year for the United States of America.
 The day that Pluto moves into the 27th degree is also February 3rd and the first few days of APDM are mightily auspicious.  There is also a New Moon on February 1st, 12:46am Eastern USA
Pluto will move to EXACT
conjunction with USA PLUTO on Feb 20th, 2022. This Pluto conjunction will be helped in a way by having the entire solar system in a state of APDM, (all planets in direct motion) as seen from the Earth’s perspective.
The earth’s perspective makes a giant big deal in astrology and the influences of the solar system and its constituents and geophysical aspects.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the planets influencing individuals and groups of people.
The human race also informs the solar system.  One individual who informed the Higher Intelligence of the entire solar system was Moses. He negotiated a way for the Matrix of Light to benefit all those living and travelling with him to Israel.  A human being can negotiate and effect or influence the stars.

This APDM is an 86 day period where we can commit en masse to be encouraging selfless  service to the whole of earth. May all good things come to pass for EVERYONE. PEACE ON EARTH FOR EVERYONE .

The shadow effect of the retrograding planet makes a pronounced difference in the experience of APDM based on my observations since 2008.   With Pluto ending the event, it has the possibility of ending with a tumultuous bang but it could also end with the hugest group of humans ever organized (Capricorn) into a mass meditation to effect changes for lasting peace on earth. 

the muse Urania cordially invites everyone,  every single person who is reading this, and your friends and family, to become Ambassadors of Peace for your home,  your town, your community and state. All children and teens too are especially warmly invited to consider what it means to be an Ambassador of Peace for their family and their school and to discuss this concept, o f world wide peace every single night at dinner. repeat all the ideas every day if you have to and add news ones in as they come along. its fine.  its a wonderful meditation for your family and for your community.    go to FB page All Planets Direct for extra added info

2021  ——  two events of APDM in 2021

 JAN 14 – JAN 30,   2021  –     19 days

Feb 20th, 2021 – APR 27 2021   –  10 weeks and 3 days —–  over 3 months of APDM  –  Wave points out that this is the longest length of days of any other APDM since 2008 on the Thanksgiving night of November 27th, when APDM was first witnessed and discovered by Wave as an event, not just one day, but an event with a beginning and an end.  There is a lot more to this particular APDM segment and because it lasts for so long, there is expected reverb on the planet.  


APDM Events  –  Past

Nov. 27 – Dec. 31, 2008 – approximately 35 days
Begins with Urania direct and ends with Saturn retrograde
  11/27/08 – day APDM is discovered

Dec.1 – Dec. 20 – 2009 – approximately 19 days
  Begins with Urania direct and ends with Mars retrograde

Dec. 5, 2010 – Dec. 10, 2010 – rare 5 day cycle –  Led by Uranus direct and ending with Mercury retrograde

Dec. 30, 2010 – Jan. 26, 2011 – approximately 28 days – 2nd APDM cycle to begin in 12/10
with Mercury direct and ends with Saturn retrograde

Dec. 25, 2011 – Jan 23, 2012 – approximately 31 days  –  Begins with Jupiter direct and ends with Saturn retrograde
Wave Rayne   led the first online course to occur in all of history to observe “ALL PLANETS in DIRECT MOTION”™  and meditations occuring with over 100 people.

January 30, 2013 – February 18, 2013 – approx 19 days    –    Begins with Jupiter stationing direct and ends with Saturn retrograde

 All Planets Direct Motion™ didn’t occur in the year 2014. There was always at least one planet retrograde the entire year from Mercury to Pluto.

December 25th, 2015 – January 6th, 2016  – about 11 days  – Uranus stations direct and Mercury stations retrograde
Article on FB and other sites goes viral and over 100,000 read it and more than 10,000 people begin to meditate together

January 8th, 2017 – February 6th, 2017 – about 28 days – Mercury stations direct and Jupiter stations Rx
Close to 20k people are meditating together around the world at the same time during APDM for global peace and abundance for all, shifting the collective field of consciousness from scarcity and fear to prosperity and hope.

Jan 2, 2018 – March 8, 2018     –    about 65 days!

Jan. 6,  2019 – March 5th, 2019    – about 60 days or so,  –  Uranus leads,  and Mercury exits
March 29th  – April 11, 2019  – about 2 weeks

2020 – two APDM events  Jan. 10 to Feb. 16, 2020    (37 days)
March 9 to April 25, 2020 (47 days) total of the 2 events is 84 days approx..~   to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~