The following testimonials are from clients and students

“From time to time, I think of the positive impact your teachings have had on my life and I’m so grateful.  You may recall I did some classes with you in Great Barrington. I just wanted to thank you for being you.   I’m not sure if you realized how much you just being you – a powerful, wise woman, seeking truth, knowledge, beauty, and sharing it with her community – made a difference in my life.   Looking back on that time in my life and where I am now, I see how you planted lots of seeds that are now flourishing.   I’d love to do another astrology session in the near future.”

Charlotte C.

Yoga teacher, author, lecturer, and animal activist, Laguna, Ca

‘The reading really resonated with me. It gave me more self-confidence to feel good about who I am.   I have/feel more courage with my career change, and, I find that searching for what serves me, will serve all.   If anything, the reading gives me a sense a confidently moving on the path of the highest good.’

Debra M.

Makeup Artist to the Stars, Chicago

So great to meet you yesterday, Wave Rayne! Thanks for the lovely reading and conversation. Come to Kansas City soon!”

Kimberly W.

Social Media Analyst, MI

Wave Rayne combines a unique synthesis of astrology and shamanism. Using her innate psychic ability and wise woman intuition,  she was able to reach back through several generations and heal my family’s trauma which resided in me.  I was able to completely reverse a strong attitude about never accepting a man into my heart again.  After continuing disappointing experiences in my love life, I had convinced myself for years   that I didn’t want anything to do with men at all.   Within one month after my retreat with Wave Rayne, I found myself in a loving, warm, respectful, mutually nurturing relationship with a wonderful man for what seems to  be the first time in my life, and,  we’re still enjoying each other very much.  I’ve worked with Wave Rayne for 8 years and each time she amazes me by how she can access the “problem” and create radiant, loving and insightful energy to bring clarity and transformation to my being and my soul.    She is a gifted healer.   Her work with me has helped me move through my issues at a pace that  transcends psychotherapy by light years!’

Judy Silver

licensed Psychotherapist and former video Editor of major motion films, NYC

“I love you. You are so special to me. To the world.”

Sherri R.

Psychotherapist, Shamanic healing, Conn.

“Hi, I visited you about a year ago in January 2011.  I just wanted to tell you how amazingly right you were.  You read my birth chart and we talked a lot about relationships and meeting someone.  You gave me months, but then you said April 16, 2011 . On April 16, 2011 I went to a car dealership to look at a vehicle, and my salesman there asked me out.  We are now living together and very happy.   I wish you a very happy 2012!  Thank you!

Rachel B.

( Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 9:46 AM)

“Hi Wave Rayne, I assume you remember but maybe you don’t.  When we spoke in August, 2008 you had informed me about 2 things:
1 – you said the stars were in alignment for a major meltdown in Oct. 2008  and that was a pretty remarkable call.
2 – you also told me to stay with my firm through to the end of the year and not go off into my own private consulting business just yet,  because you said something was going to happen at the end of the year that was going to benefit me. And that is in fact what happened.  You may have heard about the retention bonuses that happened due to the Bank of America merger……  All pretty remarkable pieces of info.  I’m impressed.   Not that I wouldn’t have been impressed without those two pieces.  I thought the reading was very special.  And I want to thank you for it. And I have referred you to a few people. Thanks again. And i will probably be talking to you again at some point.”

George Messier

Investment Banker, Brokerage Exec

“I must admit, talking with you was way different than I expected it to be. You were very connected to me as an individual during our reading , and that made me so comfortable and confident that my decisions are totally in sync with your evaluation of my future path.
Thank you so much.”

Joe D.

Investment banker, Partner, Father, inventor, Chicago

“Wave Rayne is totally inspiring…when you are ready for growth.”

James Dillehay

Author, lecturer, entrepreneurial coach, New Mexico

” I am so honored that you gave me this beautiful gift.  I would love to continue working with you. Your encouragement today really moved me. It’s so amazing to have someone who really knows what you need to hear and they say it. I guess that’s what an open heart is all about. You are a gifted teacher and very generous and loving.”

Maureen O’Keefe

Marketing Specialist, Vermont

My session with Wave brought on the clarity I was seeking and so much more.

Knowledge is power – do yourself a favor and let this woman chart your stars, the information you receive is transformative.
I can’t wait for the next follow up session!
Brooke Afkhami

I had a fabulous reading via Skype with Wave Rayne, it was special and unique. She is a teacher, spiritual guide, and she works with Shamanic Astrology. I became interested in eras with All Planets in Direct Motion as we are experiencing now ( Jan/Feb 2019 ) and that led me to find her in cyberspace. I decided to have a reading. I have worked with astrology and had many readings in the last 30 years. My curiosity was piqued by the term Shamanic Astrology, I had not come across it before. She records the reading for you and focuses on parts of Astrology that were not used previously as focal points in other astrology sessions.  It was an uplifting and informative experience, one I am sure to repeat someday.
Wave Rayne has a very special vibe and a unique way of looking at things. Focusing on what she refers to as the higher octaves of signs, she has me appreciating my chart more than ever through a clearer understanding.

Maria Catalina Egan


“Wave Rayne is a generous soul whose work enables people to give themselves permission to live as they truly dream to, without limitations.   By working with Wave Rayne, I was able to gain the personal insight and practical tools I needed to break beyond my perceived boundaries for my life’s work” I was able to move onto new goals and hopes that are still unfolding for me as i write this. Everything that i worked on with her has come to pass, and much more.

Kris Waldherr

Author of “The Book of Goddesses”, “The Goddess Tarot” and more, Brooklyn, NY

“Sweet Wave Rayne, What an honor it was for me to receive this beautiful reading. I thank you with all of my heart. You are truly gifted in your knowledge of the stars and I would be happy to take a workshop with you when you do one here is Sedona. Thank you so much and I will recommend you to my sisters. I look forward to meeting you in person.”


High Priestess, Sedona, AZ

“Your reading was enlightening, and it reinforced my intuitive abilities to act on the life changes I am both consciously and unconsciously going through.”

Glen M.

Entreprenuer, Santa Fe

“Thank you so much for your time and words.  I needed some insight and clarification on all aspects of life and you really helped to provide me with that.  Having someone to provide an understanding for such massive transitions at one time was so very helpful. Thank you Wave Rayne for helping to light my way.  I feel blessed that I found you and look forward to readings in the future.”


International Interpreter, age 24, Washington

“What you are doing is incredibly powerful, helpful and meaningful.”

Dean Soukeras

Lawyer, Real Estate, Business Entrepreneur, NY, NY

‘Thank you sooo much for the session I had with you. You are magnificent in your work and delivered a message to me that I have been waiting for all my life.
I could identify with the messages and it was a confirmation of what I have been feeling inside of late. I was brought to tears a few times and it came from joy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   Be Happy. Love and Light,’

Jerry Pearson

Shamanic Healing, Chicago

“Wave Rayne,  Thanks for showing me my spirit animal. It really was spot on and I think about it often and carry it with me through life.”

Jason Root

student, Mass

‘I’m listening to the recording. It’s completely new and different information than I’ve ever heard of before.’

Julie C

Recording Artist

“I recommend for others to go to you in times of their troubles.
You will not realize how and when this positivity gets passed on to you.
Wave Rayne is a perfect natural healer.”

Andrea A

Astrologer, India

” We started with the INitiation Astrology Reading and this lead me to continue working with Wave Rayne’s  INtensive Series.  The 12 additional sessions were powerful and provided a greater understanding of many things, including why I’m lead to choose certain professional pursuits, why I’m lead to live in certain areas, plus how to move past my physical ailments and how generational patterns have impacted me and my family.

One of the most significant transformations occurred after being guided through various exercises and techniques in order to release generational patterns that once held our family hostage.  The results have been beyond amazing, in terms of the emotional healing of our family. Also for us to witness visible signs of our lives moving forward in a positive way.

Wave Rayne, you have a knack for knowing the direction to go towards.  You have a special gift to follow where you’re guided. There are no wrong answers in healing work. We all need help, support, guidance, affirmation and confirmation and there are a gazillion ways to get there.  You have a unique skill set to get us there in different ways and quicker than most. Definitely, I believe that I’ve moved past some things that I don’t anticipate having to address again.

Linda Dawson

Attorney, Lexington, Kentucky

Thank you so very much for the outstanding, memorable experience recently that I most definitely will be repeating with you in the near future.

My first in depth experience with an Astrology reading (although having multiple psychic readings believing those experiences where great) went way beyond my expectations!!!

Your knowledge and experience along with your compassion, charm and wit made the entire skype session very personable and positive.

Thank you once again. I certainly count myself blessed to have found you in my search for a guide and teacher. I so look forward to a long, loving connection.


Sufi Yoga Testimonials

‘And a Sufi experience – where being with you is like walking through a fragrant rose garden and I emerge feeling energized, happy, blessed – means more than you may know.  I still reach inwardly for that place of gentleness, peace, love, kindness, music, movement, and your beautiful voice’.


Teacher, Author of 12 books, Mass

‘I feel as if I have rediscovered the richest and most simple secret of my own inner joy.’

Eileen D

Mother, Dancer, CEO, California

‘My newfound “heartcenter”‘

Barbara Newman

TV Ad Director, Great Barrington, MA

‘Fun, joyous, healing and juicy. I feel more like a dancer. Great teaching!’

Karen Andrews

Photographer, Berkshires, MA

‘My experience of your teaching has always been one of total presence.’

Mary V

Entrepreneur, Florida

‘I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful, wonderful, magical and transformational day.
I am still blissed out.  Life is good and glorious.  I feel like I am home, once again.
Like I’ve been on a long trek across the desert and I have, like Moses,
found my way to the promised land after more than 40 years!’

Ellen B

Healer and Poet, California

‘Yes, Yes, Yes to dance classes with Wave Rayne. Your classes are always filled with teh unexpected. You are in tune with the energy or non energy of the group and gently bring us back to ourselves.
The Big Self,  like I am home now, breathing and moving to my own beat. It is truly a gift and treat to hav eyou in our community doing this work with us. Thank you from one dancer to another.’

Christina Root

Healer and Wise Woman, Berkshires, Mass

*In 2015, Stephanie Forest changed her name to Wave Rayne, a social media name that she is now using for business and social purposes