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“Symbolically speaking, it is as if the entire Solar System is backing up both our team efforts and our individual intentions during APDM, just to further our dreams and goals.   APDM is a primordial and cohesive state carrying the most directed energies towards Unity.  It is a celestial gift.” 
Wave Rayne,  first discoverer of All Planets Direct Motion as an event in real time

 APDM begins –  January 6th, 2019 at 1pm Eastern, USA

One thing to remember coming up on January 6th 
1 – Synchronized Global Meditations daily, use the 1pm Eastern, USA as a marker, and meditate at your best time
  During APDM we are taken a few moments or longer to dedicate our contemplation or our meditation
for World Peace and Harmony Amongst Nations because Global Peace is the highest reality on Earth.

enjoy connecting with the celestial frequencies of  APDM and receiving and sending emanations of peace from the higher realms                        

    January 6th, 2019 1pm Eastern, USA  is the first day of 60 days of APDM.
There is another APDM following. See dates on the home page!