Wave Rayne is the Mother of All Planets Direct Motion
and the newly formed
 Shamanic Integration System
Shamanic Integration is a healing and teaching system for advancing new consciousness and knowledge.
It is based upon  the integration of three core Mystery Schools of antiquity:
Astrology, Shamanism (Organic Healing), and the Spirituality of the Sufi’s

The work is progressive and is best suited for those who have been studying
metaphysics, astrology, shamanism or any modality involving depth awareness and/or metaphysics

The next offering is a Year Long Program beginning Mid May 2o2o  to end of April 2021
never had there been a more perfect time to be connecting on this level, gathering our combined knowledge
and experiencing the cosmos, its signs, symbols and hints.

The first class starts just before the Venus retrograde in June 2020
and then 1x a month there after. Online, though we may schedule an in person meet up towards
the end of the course depending on the condition of the US.

With our senses, imagination and observation, our aim is to study
the Universal Archetypes, Sacred Powers and Strengths, and
the Shadows and Issues, T
eachings and Messages.

Once we put our attention on the celestial universe, it reveals itself in all sorts of ways,
as if every moment were sacred.

You will receive detailed instructions with 1 webinar /video each week
to give you focus points and homework.
Then when we meet once a month, Wave gives a concise lecture and a question and answer session if need be
and we can share our thoughts and messages and see what else is going on in the sky.

With a background of the stars, this course is designed for people yearning to go way deeper into their spiritual journey
and to develop their cosmic awareness of the sacred connection of the stars on earth
and to increase their intuitive faculties.

An ideal course for healers, shaman, astrologers, tarot readers, nurses, intuitives, lawyers, doctors, stock brokers, teachers, artists,
authors, and any human being working hard in jobs where they are mostly prohibited to speak, without enduring ridicule,
about the Invisible magic of life.

blessings to all our guides, teachers, wisdom keepers,
and the sacred knowledge that is passed on from the ancients to us today

the fee is sliding scale
$997.00 – 2997.00