Now, here in this moment, from our geo-centric view, our entire solar system, moving together, in the same direction,
like a flowing cosmic river, all traveling towards this one direction.  From the position of the Sun or Earth’s perspective,
All Planets in Direct Motion represents an organic, holistic, synchronous, harmonious group passage through the endless universe.’   
 Wave Rayne   ***   excerpt above is from the first article ever to be published in the NCGR on All Planets Direct Motion.

Read a description of All Planets Direct Motion below.

Celebrating  our 11th year since the 2008 discovery of APDM.     The next APDM begins JANUARY 6th, 2019 !

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 The Astrology of All Planets Direct –  Since antiquity, when all the planets are in direct motion, it is considered to be one of
THE MOST AUSPICIOUS configurations in the Solar System.   If a person is born during an APDM day, for ex.
they are more likely to succeed doing ANYTHING that totally INSPIRES them to their core.   
For electional astrology, or when choosing the best time for event, APDM is considered THE MOST FORTUNATE time
for mergers and acquisitions, weddings, surgeries, and Inaugurations, etc.

Previously to Wave’s 2008 discovery of APDM, Star-Decoders around the world didn’t pay much attention to APDM.
Very few knew for ex., when the next APDM event would occur and they didn’t even call APDM an event.
APDM chart used to be called a ’Chart without Retrogrades.”    There wasn’t any general knowledge amongst astro-decoders

as to the length of an APDM event,  or,  the specific planet to lead into the next APDM event.
Most p
rofessional Star-Decoders were simply unaware of how many times a year these events even occurred.
So we have t
he most auspicious timing in the Solar System and yet no one knows when it is going to happen?!?!?   

A radical change in perspective was due. APDM was discovered entirely through a radical shift in perspective
that hadn’t been seen before in the field in 3000 years.

From the Earth’s point of view, during APDM, all the planets in our immediate solar system are going in direct motion.
Another way to say this is that there is an absence of retrogrades.
The Sun also experiences perpetual APDM as all the planets are moving in one direction around it. The Sun is the brightest star.

Any planetary configuration in our Solar System can be influential, and some stand out as super extra influential like APDM,
or like an eclipse, a Super Full Moon or a Grand Trine or a Grand Sextile. They each have their own nuances, strengths
and weaknesses. Their impact on our lives is due to gravitational forces hitting the Earth 


Now let us look at how how this one unusual celestial configuration we call APDM can take on spiritual metaphors as well.

Moments after discovery, Wave received several mystical messages from the Muse Urania, Queen of the Solar System and Ruler of Prophecy….. The underlying spiritual intent of APDM is about our collectively moving forward on our highest IDEALS
to improve life on Earth.  A team effort¹ to bring about radical changes for the better.

More on the VISION and the IDEALS OF APDM:

Wave received an immediate and clear vision about APDM     Since APDM shares a velocity of forward motion,
for success, on every level,  Wave imagined millions of people around the globe, focusing together, meditating together,
on the real potential for Peace on Earth with abundant sharing of natural resources.
She saw that the meditations had the ability to eradicate fear and scarcity consciousness and replace the negative

conditioning with PURE ABUNDANCE for everyone.  She saw it was a really terrific time for individuals to focus
on their personal dreams for the coming years and raise the collective conscious to a higher level with many individuals 
focused on moving forward in their lives, backed up by APDM cosmic fuel.

Urania’s original message to Wave repeats itself every year for the past 11 years –  CULTIVATE a new mindset of Abundance,
until it becomes the norm to change the planet’s current operating system out of fears of scarcity into something much more fulfilling.
Imagine for ex.  “There is more than enough  (water, food, land, housing, clothing, education, currency)  and, not only is there

more than enough for everyone to have what we need, there is also more enough to share. “

Wave understood the vision behind APDM in a moment of revelation and she thought it to be both very beautiful and very idealistic.  APDM ideals are closely related to the ideals of Aquarius**.  We are at the inception of the new Age of Aquarius
and most all discoveries and inventions of the past few decades and the ones coming up will be having something
to do with the ideals of Aquarius –   

A) peace, prosperity, and cooperation amongst all nations 
B)  the concepts of Abundance on Earth lies in our collective unconscious rather than the collective fear and anxiety over scarcity.
A very humanitarian Aquarian goal to envision a Global Village to enact a new consciousness theme

C)  communities now practice tolerance and acceptance. every individual is free to be true to who they were born to be, to live out their destinies without hinderance from prejudice
D)  for the future, to use the inherent power and velocity of the Solar System itself, possibly even during APDM,  to replace the need for fossil fuels,
E)  to apply collective intelligence, perhaps also during an APDM event, to create new cures for various diseases.

With over 10 years of APDM, Wave gets a new understanding or download each year from Urania the Muse,  and they are consistently idealistic.   Two years ago for ex. she saw that the leaders around the globe and particularly in America could be agreeing to make the Planet Earth a priority over corporate profits.  She saw that a single focus on a “100% Organic and Biodynamic Farming Party” would change the lives of every living person for the better.  There is no reason to have conventional foods with pesticides in the soil or sprayed on top of them any longer.  All schools and towns and cities have cooperative gardens and everyone can play a volunteer role from young children to mature adults. Communities would prosper from its healthier and happier citizens. Less need for drugs or medications. Peace and Prosperity arrives from this one focus over time  –  100% organic/bio dynamic gardening. Make it a Party!

** More traits and concepts belonging to Aquarius include tolerance, peace, acceptance, new perspectives,  the cooperative union of people living together on the earth,  simple utopian style communities,  all towns and cities and countries choose to center their focus on a humanitarian theme (100% Organic and BioDynamic Farming ), egalitarianism, science (over belief),  multi-dimensional realities, space travel, discovery, invention, and progressive technologies that help the species,  the Earth and all that lives upon it….

We are the ones to dream in the new Age of Aquarius together.  Time for us to do some transformational magic together.
If you are reading this, you are one of the conscious beings who has signed up for this effort and you are welcomed into this tribe.

¹ To move into the Age of Aquarius requires a team effort.  To change a paradigm in the way we desire requires our joint dedication. Nothing can be accomplished alone and no one person is going to save the day for the rest of us.   We are the ones.

With our Synchronized Global Meditations, we become PRO-ACTIVE.  Far better than sitting around engulfed in lack consciousness absorbed from everyone around us.  The lack consciousness and its associated fears are a disease of the human spirit.
There is a calling now, for those with a deep inclination to move humanity towards a higher consciousness together
for peace and abundance in the future.    Over time our collective energy will bring a new kind of cosmic fuel to the planet
and we create allies around the world.     It’s takes a World Village.

Our next APDM Synchronized Meditation will begin on New Year’s EVE at 6pm Eastern, USA.
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*** formerly  S. Tetra Forest,  Wave Rayne changed her name in 2015