may 2015 stephanie photoHi Earth/Cosmic being!

Welcome home to my site

My name is Wave Rayne.

My  mission in life is to join with others to progress and evolve human consciousness forward, inclusive of the Solar System.

 My niche is the Solar System.  
I lead global synchronized meditations and retreats during All Planets Direct Motion, (APDM).

You can read a lot more on this site about APDM when all the planets are moving in direct motion and without one retrograde in sight.

1000s of people are expected to observe the next APDM in Jan. 2017 as we did on December 25, 2015 to Jan 5th 2016.
We created a ripple in the Earth’s auricular field.

Next year’s APDM will generate even more Light and Abundance and Peace because the length of time is for over a month….

 APDM is as an event that requires human participation to activate its potent charge.  

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Wave Rayne