ON VENUS! written for All Planets Direct by Wave Rayne,  March 31st, 2017

The morning star Venus remerges beginning April 1st or 2nd, just before dawn, in the East, and is in the commanding sign of Aries.

As a morning star, Venus naturally takes on more of the characteristics of Aries. As evening star, the energy of Venus is more deliberate.

The point is that there is a double Aries energy emanating from Venus by position as morning star and by sign.

The presence of the Warrior energy is emphasized in men and may be especially expressed in women in the coming months.

Venus represents beauty and love, war, art, riches, relationship, women, pleasure, sex and more delights.

Here are some keywords describing Aries strengths:

– Independent
– Generous
– Optimistic
– Enthusiastic
– Courageous
– Initiates Action
– Loyal Defender of the Faith, the Country or the Home, even until Death

Keywords describing Aries shadow:

– Moody
– Short tempered
– Self-involved
– Impulsive
– Impatient

Venus starts a whole new cycle after having met the Sun in the Underworld. She is initiating something akin to a New Moon phase, and so we may joyfully notice an expediency in our ability to get things done. Venus stays a morning star for 260 days.

The Blessing – from the muse, Urania – Queen of the Solar System, Ruler of Prophesy –

“May the will and motivation in each of you beautifully align with your stars so you can act upon your most cherished goals in the next 9 months.”

Now anyone with strong Aries or an angular or highly aspected Venus in their charts is especially influenced.  This is great for those times when we need to be pro-active, and, now we know to make an extra concerted effort to subdue emotions, before acting in haste.

Since the planet is really close to our Earth, the vibrational effects are on full impact and this includes the dark shadow elements as well.

Venus in the Underworld in Aries seems to bring out the savage in the human condition.

The ancient Mayans, world class experts on tracking Venus, practiced sacrifice by intent.  Ancients would have considered of course the sacrifice of human beings as necessary to appease the gods and goddesses.

While it seems incredibly barbaric, maybe some form of national or even global sacrifice is necessary on some level to answer to the human proclivity for the shedding of blood?
In other words, this author is suggesting that the ancient cultures were actually onto something.    The question remains, are there non-human sacrifices that would suffice the the unconscious recesses of human savager?
If so, the need for war is greatly diminished. Peace on earth prevails.

We bring all of this up because tragically, way, way, way too many sudden mass deaths by terrorism or accident occurred during this particular retrograde phase, March 4th to April 15th 2017.   Particularly in America, in London, England and in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Venus makes her way round to greet the Sun every 584 days.

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