Light workers, therapists, healers, astrologers and shamans –
we avoid to interfere in other people’s lives as a common rule.
If we are asked to help out, then we do what we can, if we can.

If we offer to help out before being asked specifically to help out,
we are enabling codependency and right from that moment,
things go totally off balance.
Many of us have tried this out of course and we all learn quickly
that it doesn’t work to be enabling. Even though it may seem the
‘nice’ thing or the ‘helpful ‘thing to do.

The challenging part of this of course is in an emergency situation.

I have volunteered info a few times throughout my life when
I can see someone is in danger.
I mean like in life or death danger, and they were unaware
of the kind of danger they were in.
I usually tell them to go to the doctor.
Then if i see that they are not listening, I shout it out several times
until they go to the doctor.
One time I offered to pay for the doctor bc the person was
as stubborn as a goat. Fortunately, in this instance, I was resilient.

There are repercussions of course for saying stuff when we are not asked.
It may mean a separation and I prefer that then living with my soul,
should they die and I didn’t say a word.

Universal Laws are there for a reason.
Going against them brings nothing good.
If anything, it creates disharmony and struggles.
Emergency situations are an exception. for some.

Wave Rayne