I insist on dreaming in my own awesome world with positive loving mutually energizing and supportive friends in it.
if i don’t do my share of Dreaming in the New World,
then others will dream their dreams with their own self serving greedy version as they have been doing for centuries,  and
things continue as they are now, with exceptional violence and unaccountable poverty.
It’s time to shift the ages. and its up to you and me!!!
we all prefer our own dreams  over plutocratic dreams so let’s begin.

i do not have a single bit of belief that any corporate backed government can ever have my own or your best interest at heart.
i rather am fond of the social democracy in Denmark and Germany. Im sure they have their own huge set of problems too.
But, people are given benefits there that don’t make for so much violence that we have going on here with our misfortunate diversity of income distribution.
When there are starving people, and people who can’t find work and are desperate to feed themselves or their families, violence increases.
In North Korea, due to extreme weather conditions, and the lack of food, a few people recently lost their minds and killed their own children to eat them. That is a disgusting first.
Why isn’t the government helping out the poor people whose crops failed to grow? Because big daddy governments are not nice daddies.

If we can dream together at the same time, just like at Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance, we can overtake false self-serving dreams and begin
to dream in a world of peace and plenty for all.
It’s totally possible.
Don’t doubt it regardless of the horrors in the media.
There are entities that would like us to be horrified so we can turn to them like a child to a parent believing they will help us.  That style of governing is coming to an end.
The truth is and always has been, we have to help ourselves!

It begins with a small group of people dreaming in big new dreams.

APDM is a time for dreaming in the new world  together.

Anytime is a good time for our dreaming in the New World together.
At this very moment, all the planets are going in one direction, giving a feeling of unity and confidence.
Is it not possible that the more people who are dreaming in the Peaceful New World with plenty for all can over take the dreams that pollute rather than enhance?

Can we not use this time together and move into one direction with the whole cosmos?
and let this be our new collective practice?

In addition to going to church or to temples, or praying at our altars,
we can be dreaming in  World peace and harmony each and every week. every day, every morning.

APDM provides the acceleration for this practice to take place.
So we can get to dreaming up something big and wonderful
This is in part, what we came here to do!


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