The Moon passes by and conjuncts Neptune before conjuncting the Sun
in the zodiac’s most selfless sign Pisces
on the way to the super New Moon
Solar Eclipse.

You can get out your Pisces thesaurus and look up synonyms derive meaning
Neptune blends with Pisces
Moon and Sun unity.
everything Pisces is amplified and even more so by the Jupiter opposition as well
Ecstacy is a Pisces correlative

Piscean Grace Tableau ~°•○~~°~○●
super solar new moon eclipse. ●●●●●
the expanded absorption of
ecstatic spirituality

Allowing for the big big big Let Go
all resentments and angers
releasing contracts, cords, attachments,
anchors that tie us down on the etheric.
Sink or Swim
a proactive choice
with a candle
I pronounce ☆▪▪▪☆
let all entanglements
in my life, thought and memory
that fail to serve the highest purpose of all
be so dissolved in the sublime waters of compassionate Pisces leaving a totally and completely free open arena from which I can now begin
to dream
the most positively beautiful dreams
into becoming
our life of abundance of resources
our life of peace on earth

blessed be
angelic rainbow blessings
100s of times
cascading over
all of our lives
and for all whom we love
may all interactions and offers
passionately divinely peaceful
absorb and fulfill