We have entered the Still Point.

Urania meets Mercury.

Urania has Stationed  Direct

and Mercury is Stationing Retrograde .

A time to contemplate the Deep Silence.

A direct portal to the inner Arena of the Unified Field of the Solar System. All Planets in Direct Motion.

At some point, there will be a shift. Perhaps an int’l incident.

For now go wherever you can to get to a place of inner peace and deep relaxation. Meditation. Contemplation.

If at all possible, avoid being around anyone negative, anyone who doesn’t know how to support you and your inner being with loving kindness.

Their rudeness or unnecessary criticism, sarcasm, temper tantrums etc, literally reflects their orientation towards you. They are revealing themselves. Don’t cover it over by thinking it’s just temporary bad manners.

Perhaps they may not be able to accept your inner radiance and your own brilliance due to their own egoic weaknesses.

They may be lacking the ability to serve your higher self as you are willing to do for them.

Walk away from this kind of treatment asap even though they may be fun to be with at other times.

Find your sanctuary within, on your own and with friends and family.

Open to the Field.

Enter the Still Point.



Peaceful Blessings


aka Stephanie Tetra Forest