Tetra Forest 2.15.15 Dana Pt, CAFor a long time i have been aware that astrologers give transmissions of the planets and zodiac signs that are pertinent to the chart reading for each person. Like when Saturn is highlighted. We all go through through Saturn Initiations, the first and second Saturn return is very real and can be a superior challenge. Which means that the transmission of  Saturn is necessary to prepare the individual mentally, emotionally and psychically to work out their upcoming experience in lfe far better than going it uninformed.  Even astrologers seek out other astrologers during high Planetary Initiation Times.  If you know what is being asked of you, its easier to cooperate than not knowing and wondering why all the doors are shutting and nothing is working out any longer.

A transmission is verbal and it is clear spiritual experience to give the transmission as well to receive it.   A verbal transmission carries physical elements to it as well in terms of energy and vibration.

Shamanically speaking it is possible to access the energy vibrations of each of the zodiac signs and planets both in the sky AND within our bodies. Because we are carrying these vibrations all the time. The stars in the zodiac are always there, way, way out there, and they are found within as well. It may sound esoteric, and it’s a fact. As we all know now, the entire System is alchemically connected, nothing is separated from anything else. Even the air we breathe is a connector.

Sometimes our cosmic vibrations get entangled, through illness, chaos, shock, prolonged stress, etc. We can impress or “recalibrate” the energetics of each of the zodiac signs and planets. It is done through shamanic passes.

It is interesting work.
As for the science, at some point, superior mechanics for detecting finer vibrations and fine particles will be invented. Guaranteed.