Consulted over two fascinating charts recently.
Both women.
One woman was born a couple days before the Harmonic Covergence of Aug 1987. The Harmonic Convergence was the first synchronized global event for advancing spiritual evolution of humanity, and has a significant correlation to our worldwide observance of APDM….
Of the 12 common points used in the horoscope, Sun, Moon, all the planets and the nodes,
8 of her 12 planets created one triangular form.  Astrologers call this a Grand Trine.
It’s an awesome, unusual rare chart to look at and a real pleasure to delineate..
Curiously this woman who is 28 now, didn’t even know about the Harmonic Convergence!!!???!!
She does have the easy going qualities that come with an enormous Grand Trine and also a very optimistic pleasant disposition extra gifted by that gorgeous fiery yet juicy Moon Jupiter Aries conjunction.

The optimism is also something that goes with APDM charts.
and so the 2nd chart was of 50ish woman with an APDM birth!!!
This very elegant woman quietly displayed every one of the attributes we have discussed earlier on my Facebook page called All Planets Direct  Рoptimistic, self confident, natural self esteem.

It’s a very beautiful thing to see people be naturally self confident.

Something to add to my personal manifesto.