Times are quickly shifting for  a specific group of young adults born between 1989-1992 and  in profound ways that no earthly explanation or well intentioned advice will be able to satisfy or make sense as the geo-cosmic perspective.  It is a hugely dynamic time beginning now and continuing for up to another 10 years.  Dynamic  planetary initiations are better navigated with some pre-knowledge to prepare.  It is a time when the geo-cosmic (astrological) perspective is seriously indispensable to help with strategic planning.  Be prepared. Keep in mind as well,  dynamic is not necessarily just dramatic.  Having said that this is a time for intensive concentration and then for  empowerment for these young beings to change the world as we know it.  It’s just that the dynamics start out differently than feeling empowered.   Know yourself, know your cosmos. Be attuned.  Please discuss with your parents. Parents you are welcome to discuss with Tetra as well.

There does not need to be any ‘belief’ in astrology or in planetary influences on the  human population.