Things are getting Solar System fascinating again…. feel free to share this though there is mention of a Cosmic Orgasm down below in the piece so be sure
to read the whole way through so if you do share it with someone, they are happy to hear about it.
and we can take in the vibration of peacefulness together……even though at times many of us, especially me,  feel we  may come from an extra terrestial planet, or a far off  lone star system,  nevertheless, we are still totally in attunement to complete and vibrant Peace on Earth….

from Mountain Time, we have 6 points in the Zodiacal Sign of Pisces – unconditional love, spiritual surrender, divine compassion, organic creativity, dreaming mysticism, angelic intervention, fluid intuition, illustrious insight, colorful imagination, infinite peace,  highest inspiration, big bliss, sheer ecstasy, rapture, awe……..

These descriptions mentioned above are the traditional associations to Pisces

and now let’s move on to creating the Piscean experience…….

Please allow me to draw your attention to the possibility that a global meditation could mean actual Cosmic Bliss for the whole Earth.   So this is  awesome time to choose to consciously participate.

If i had a telecast lined up for this time, i would simply be sitting in meditation.  nothing to stay as the Cosmic Silence is born.

let the cosmic bliss begin!

The Science : the 6 celestial points are: Neptune, spiritual leader of Pisces, and, ruler of the whole stellium of planets amping up the whole Piscean Peace Act. Plus, in order by degree, Mercury rx, Chiron, Venus, Sun, and Mars.

Baby’s being born right now are here to shift the world with the gifts of peace and love.   be sure of it.   and, if it gets too violent here, because the Earthfolk have not been able yet to get off the addiction to  blood spilling, these babies will feel pressure to sacrifice themselves in a bunch of different ways all intending to move consciousness forward. they are here to bring real peace and beauty into the existence.  they will be innovators of change and new community.  their skills for seeing beyond the veil is limitless. their inner being is pure artist for peace, parent can raise them as spiritual warriors for peace.  remember that Pisces can be fierce and flowing in one direction, like WATER. and yet the little ones are so acutely sensitive to everything in their environment and because of the acute merge factor of Pisces, it would be something wonderful for the parents to demonstrate gentle but firm boundaries so they can learn this at a young age. no mistake about it,  they are here to bring love and peace into the world in a significant if not profound way.

O k so tonight 3/9/13, at precisely 11.20pm the MOON will also shift into Pisces, bringing SEVEN members of our Cosmic Family to share the sign of PISCES.  SEVEN!!!!

really this doesnt’ happen often.  This is a call to action from the whole  Celestial Pantheon.
TAKE NOTICE.    Time for a conscious consensus for collaboration with the cosmos!

We have seven points in our Solar System offering the the highest octave of Peace imaginable and this vibration of Peace lasts until the evening of March 11th at precisely 11.30pm, (MT) when Mars quietly and unassumingly shifts into Aries.

that gives us a 48 hour window of pure PEACE 
and each time we globally participate in a conscious collab with the cosmos, we demonstrate for ourselves and for all the people on earth just how easy is world wide peace!


With Mars going into fiery Aries the whole pantheon can rev up the level of rapture to new heights… sounds positively like a cosmic orgasm to me…..or perhaps a celestial symphony….  time to be creative one way or another…..

On March 12th at precisely 4.18am, the Moon will  then also transit into ARIES joining Mars and soon after Uranus.
These planets will aid our attempts for world wide meditation for peace if we are showing the way.
we gather for peace and then they can follow.
Peace is a choice.
Peace is infinitely more possible when we work collectively especially at the same time. That is the main teaching behind All Planets of Direct Motion. (APDM).  and if you have been reading my posts or Blog, you know quite a bit about this already.


On a mundane level its no wonder there has been so much rain and snow all over the country.  Pisces = Water = Precipitation.
If there were an eclipse around now or within 3 months of now, i would be concerned for a bigger wash of water, more like a tidal wave situation.
And since there isn’t an eclipse that i can think of right at this moment, there’s no need to imagine the worst thank goodness.

For those interested to take on more geo-cosmic studies of conscious collaboration and other fun, spirit enhanced activities , please keep a look out  an educational, 4.5 day retreat in SE New Mexico in the spring.

thank you

bless you,

tetra forest