Have your reading first and then a healing with the zodiac session to follow.
HEALING with the ZODIAC description:

ReCalibrate the 12 Cosmic Archetypes of the Zodiac which reside in the body as well as in the sky. ¬†This is an enactment of the ‘As Above So Below’ principle.

The 12 archetypes live in all of us just as we are surrounded, 24/7, by the stars of each sign and constellation as they seemingly travel along the ecliptic.

Healing with the Zodiac involves shamanic passes over the body imbued with energy frequencies and representing each of the 12 Archetypes of the zodiac.

Each Zodiac sign is associated to a specific area of
the body, since antiquity.
ARIES – head, Taurus, neck ….all the way to Pisces – feet….

First we recalibrate the 12 zodiacal archetypes with shamanic passes drawn over the body. This feels wonderful to be so reconstituted, and aligned with our cosmos. Then we check for aberrations and adjust for
pain or illness applying the signs as needed one at a time to specific areas asking for our attention.

Because this healing work is entirely created through intentional frequencies from the Zodiacal Archetypes in our Solar System, it can bring forth powerful shifts.

Healing sessions with the Zodiac can be received here in Santa Fe in my office or remotely from your home until end of May 2014.

go to contact page on this site and request more info and to schedule your session if you think you are ready for this now.