The male gendered planets – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune.
Female gendered planets – Moon, Venus, Mars, Urania, Inanna….
Inanna is another name for Pluto.
Pluto’s myth is of a male god who abducts a young female innocently walking along a garden path chatting to her mom.
I have trouble with the idea that a perceived rapist is in my pantheon of GODS and GODDESSES.
If these gods cannot control themselves, they cannot get named after a planet either.

Remember the axiom, ‘As above, so below”.
This is an absolute truth.
Therefore, for this time I prefer to use Inanna’s name rather than Pluto.
Her story covers the journey of going to the UW, only she goes willingly as an adult, and she completely surrenders as a conscious being.  This is more suitable for our morals and values than a story about a young virgin about to be raped.

Even though this Greek/Roman myth is inaccurate, and was changed up through the patriarchy,  it still persists and 3rd graders are taught about Pluto abducting this young girl while they are 9 years old. Again, what is the purpose of perpetuating this criminal story line to children and then use it in our astrology?

Obviously the images bring up fear as we are made to think of Pluto as a pedophile and a rapist.  Totally unacceptable for any God or planet or human being!  Further, the myth/story of Inanna is a much older myth than Pluto.

All this renaming Im doing is temporary until a future time when all the planets are made genderless or perhaps they have dual genders.

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