We can prepare now for the expansion of Beauty and the first ever astro-shamanic teaching on Venus and Jupiter!
Beginning 2/29 -3/30/12, Tetra along with the Greater Muse, Urania, is teaching a Shamanic Astrology course related to a cosmic event of two planets in our solar system now readily seen in the night sky.   We feel this is the best way to teach and to access the greatest axiom of all time – “As above, so below.”   We will be learning about this night time event through daily newsletters called “Cosmic Briefs”.   These Cosmic Briefs are created in-the-moment by revelation.  This is an original Astro-Shamanic teaching, never been taught before over the internet in Real Time!   We will be focusing on the spectacularly beautiful Great Conjunction between Venus and Jupiter coming up in March 2012.

Venus and Jupiter are the two most ‘benefic’ planets in the solar system.   Since antiquity, when the two are seen close together in the night sky, astrologers regard their influences to humanity as being one of absolute exquisite beauty,  enchanted love, expansive luck, incredible wealth and riches, great artistic ability, justice, and spiritual beauty as well.   Additionally, the two benefic planets of Venus and Jupiter are moving to conjunct into the Sign of Taurus.  The Taurus Mystery School adds even more beauty, wealth and luxury to the night time cosmic drama as well as the ability to receive spiritual beauty and artistry.

By applying for this eSeries of Cosmic Briefs, you can:
~ experience an increase of The Beauty in all areas of your life
~ learn shamanic approaches to astrology
~ connect more deeply to the mysteries of the night sky
~ learn more about the magical connections of the earth and sky
~ develop even greater intuitive faculties
~ and, if this interests you, you can also fine tune your perspective
to more readily receive messages/downloads that come directly to you from the Cosmic Family.

You will receive 3 Cosmic Briefs weekly, plus extras, that are written in the moment of revelation.  
These messages are not pre-written!  You will receive the Cosmic Briefs in your email from 2/29/12 to 3/30/12.   
The eBriefs will stimulate, encourage and allow you to focus more inwardly and outwardly on the beauty and riches of Venus and Jupiter. 
We cannot promise what other sort of benefits may come to you from this study.