Holy Retrogrades Batman!!


Hi Friends,

This Mercury Rx promises to be far more potent and surprising than usual.

It’s occurring just after the Full Moon in Scorpio and it follows up on the powerful potent vibrations of last month’s Spring Equinox and the two Eclipses. That was one demanding and challenging March for sure.

Mercury also was the first planet to station Retrograde effectively putting a close to our momentum during APDM this past January 5th, 2016.

BASICALLY, the Trickster is operating at full speed and seriously requires some strategizing.

If you are at all going through a speculative time,  you need to do what you can to get grounded. You can also employ an astrologer for assistance

The sad shock of Prince’s death is a part of the opening act of this Mercury Rx as I see it and I want the members in my tribe to know this.

Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Please be eXtra careful when  going anywhere out in public or,  even just driving a car.

To assist in mitigating against surprises and other annoyances,  if I may be called upon and graced so do so, I’m creating a 3 part Astrology Reading special for the Retrograde.

Instead of one 90 minute Initiation Session, there will be three sessions,  each for 30 packed full minutes.

That’s one session a week for 3 weeks during the 3.5 week retrograde period.

During the 3 Phases of the Mercury Rx, you will learn so much about yourself,  others in your environment, and the nature of the magical unity between the skies and Earth.

You will have a sense of being prepared at the very least. More, you will be consciously and dynamically supported for the duration of this time to learn about the secrets you keep hidden from yourself.

If you are at all wanting to be more familiar with areas of personal weaknesses, places where you are always hiding stuff from yourself, if you are willing to be strong to face these things,  in order to strengthen your spiritual life, and all your relationships and business dealings, these three potent strategy sessions will be remembered for a long time as moving you along your path as swiftly as possible.

This offer is available for 7 more days from today which is Monday 22nd, 2016.

The fee is $296.00

Contact Wave at 505 629 8275


Email Wave at WaveTriel@gmail.com

Sessions are done over cell or Skype.

First time readings are made possible by mid May.

Tell your friends about this too. Let everyone you know, know!


Also check me out on FB on my time line and FB page called ‘All Planets Direct’  which is short for All Planets Direct Motion.