Writing about astro-shamanism and RW this past week. First of all, Im greatly saddened by his departure. It was sudden and none of us knew that he was in dire need of help.  He touched people’s hearts as well as made them laugh. It is a very rare talent he possessed. Some would call him a genius. I would. Without doubt.

The two main points that came through from my writings earlier: 1)  that he was gifted with an exalted power from “the gods”  (astrologers would note the Pluto/Mercury exact  conjunction to the MC).    It is for sure the kind of power that most mortal men or women would find seriously, exceptionally difficult to channel into human life.  A powerful gift accompanied by an equally powerful shadow element.    2)  when i checked out Robin’s transits  i had a thought that perhaps he was possibly going to die soon, that he was ill, and was taking the matters of  Death into his own hands.   Astrologers note the Neptune conjunct the Moon. Not yet exact yet indicating the inclusion of drugs into the mix. It wasn’t recreational drugs that affected Robin’s life. It was a combo of medical drugs for his heart and also new drugs for the recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s that induce suicidal thoughts.  ALWAYS take meds with great caution or avoid them all together!  Each person is different and may not be able to handle any of the prescribed drugs which can be fatal.

Another teaching or message we are given to look at here is a calling for a different attitude towards consciously committed suicide – to have it be accepted.
and to have CCS available so it is far less gruesome and violent. To honor death rather than to fear it so completely and deny it as a dignified choice, even an act of heroism.

To add to this, there are other ways to combat depression than clinical meds.
The imperative is to consult with a Shaman first who is an expert guide into the Underworld and can help the person to shift the suicidal depression by timeless effective shamanic procedures..